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Million Eyes II: The Unraveller coming out as an ebook on August 27th and a paperback on November 8th

Million Eyes II: The Unraveller has an official release date! It’s coming on Friday 27th August as an ebook, so if you fancy some light reading for the bank holiday weekend… (I say ‘light’. It’s not really. It’s actually rather dark in places – but always good fun 😆)

It’ll then be released as a paperback on November 8th. Christmas present, perhaps?

Soon I will be sharing the cover image and back cover blurb. I’m also thinking about sharing some sneak peeks of certain chapters…

Meanwhile, the book has gone through the editing stage and is now in the proofreading stage. In addition to my publishers proofreading it, I have a few lovely volunteers I plan on reaching out to very shortly.

And I’m over halfway through Million Eyes III: Ouroboros too. Obviously my progress has been rather snail’s pacey over the past few months thanks to living and breathing the renovation of my new house. But we’re getting there on that front, and as soon as we’re in, I’ll be back on Million Eyes III full throttle.

Also, I found two lovely new reviews of the first Million Eyes book on Goodreads today. Made my heart smile.

Nacho A. A. rated it 5 stars and said:

“Keep an eye on C. R. Berry. He is a very capable, prolific time-travel writer. As far as time travel in fiction is concerned, I would tag him, maybe, only second to Neal Stephenson and/or Nicole Galland and, possibly, concurrently at rank #1, somehow. Achtung: he is a serious, proficient, top quality writer. His plotting skills with Million Eyes #1 are polished, intricate and superb. A little beyond the midnovel point, the story starts to fold back upon itself, things start to fall in place and wow, the skills of Berry finally get to shine splendourously. Fun 360°. If you’re in for time travel reading stravaganza, go get it right away and read it.”

And Brett Yalden rated it 4 stars and said:

“This book isn’t the usual book I would read. But I really enjoyed the story and how the twists and turns came about. I am intrigued to see where this story goes and am excited to when book 2 comes out. If your a fan of time travel and conspiracy theories this will be an enjoyable read as well as if your a fan of Dr.who and xfiles. I advise that you should read this as it will surprise you. A new author with talents like this you should keep your eyes on them as they will become I highly anticipated writer. I say again please read this book you will enjoy it.”

What loveliness! 🥰

At the same time, I found that I’d garnered my very first 1-star rating! However, there was no review with it so I guess I’ll never know what she hated about Million Eyes. But it’s fine. It wasn’t going to appeal to everyone. I’m just so happy with how positively it’s been received generally.

I’ve now got to hope Book 2 fulfills expectations! Eeek!

Also, my new boss at Old Street Solutions, where I’ve been working as Head of Content since March, wrote this post on LinkedIn. I’m lucky to have found this lot, frankly. The work’s great, the team’s great, and I’m now financially stable, which is good considering Katherine and I are haemorrhaging money to get our house done.

Chris Cooke LinkedIn post

More news soon…

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