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Million Eyes III: Ouroboros ebook out today!

See how it all ends! Elsewhen Press have published the final novel in the Million Eyes trilogy, out today as an ebook (paperback coming March 20th).

If you’d like the ebook, please can I ask you to buy today? 🙏😘 This helps boost the book’s rankings, so that it gets seen by more people!

It’s available on Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Google, and more. Just choose your preferred platform and download.

Million Eyes III: Ouroboros follows Cara and Jackson Montgomery as an alien invasion changes their lives forever, and Harriet Turner as her hunt for Jack the Ripper leads to a direct confrontation with Million Eyes and the unrelenting Miss Morgan.

Full back cover blurb below:


On a cold morning in 2219, Cara Montgomery and her husband, Jackson, have a frightening encounter on the beach. An encounter that leads to a war with a depraved and relentless alien race, the Shapeless, changing their lives forever.

Three hundred years earlier, Harriet Turner travels to the future to learn the shocking secret behind Victorian London’s most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper. A mysterious barber, Fred, goes with her, but Fred has a shocking secret of his own.

Hunted by the ruthless Miss Morgan and plagued by visions of a snake eating its own tail, Harriet discovers that the all-powerful Million Eyes isn’t the only one with an agenda. Time itself has one too.

In my newsletter coming later today, I’ll be offering more inside information about Million Eyes III, as well as the lowdown on what has been an incredibly busy month thanks to consecutive trips to Disney World in Florida and the Jasna ski resort in Slovakia!

2 thoughts on “Million Eyes III: Ouroboros ebook out today!”

    1. Haha you’re like me! I’m super-slow (it’s because I’m often analysing the writing as I’m writing rather than just enjoying it!)

      But that’s awesome, thanks so much for buying book 3 and I look forward to hearing what you think!


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