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Interview with The Table Read looks in depth at the background of Million Eyes

The Table Read online entertainment magazine recently published a detailed interview with me, talking about the background of Million Eyes and Million Eyes II, how I developed my protagonists and antagonists for each of the books, and some of the main challenges I encountered when writing it. There’s also a little bit of advice for fellow writers.

Today I’m also going to be sending out my monthly newsletter. This month I’ll be talking about where I’m at on Million Eyes III: Ouroboros, and a bit about the collaborative novel I’m writing with my partner, Katherine, called Breaching The Wall (which will be a sci-fi adventure comedy conspiracy mystery thriller 😉 ).

In particular I’ll be talking about how we have approached gender and pronouns with our diverse array of characters. I’ll also be covering the collaborative process and why we recently changed how we’re doing it.

So please sign up to my newsletter if you’re interested!

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