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Million Eyes III: Ouroboros will be published February 17th 2023 + 5 things to know about it

Million Eyes III: Ouroboros, the final novel in the Million Eyes trilogy, is set to be released as an ebook by Elsewhen Press on February 17th 2023. The paperback will follow a month later on 20th March. 

It’s going to be a bittersweet moment: sweet because I’ll be proud to have a professionally published trilogy out there, bitter because I don’t like it when things end! And Million Eyes is something I’ve poured my heart and soul into for 15 years. (Jesus, I’m getting old.)

Hopefully I have rounded off the Million Eyes story in a satisfying way, but I guess my readers will be the judge of that!

Meanwhile, a second short story collection, Million Eyes: Over Time, is coming on January 9th 2023, and will be free to download, just like Million Eyes: Extra Time. This will feature 5 stories set in the Million Eyes universe.

5 things to know about Million Eyes III

  1. Just like Million Eyes II: The Unraveller, the third book will have a recap of important events that happened in books one and two.
  2. Million Eyes III: Ouroboros is 102,000 words long, which is longer than book 1 (94,000 words) and shorter than book 2 (106,000 words).
  3. Million Eyes III will end the trilogy conclusively. No cliffhangers, no ambiguous or vague endings. Did anyone see the time travel movie See You Yesterday on Netflix? Great movie, until suddenly the credits rolled right in the middle of the action, leaving everything up in the air. None of that lazy crap here. Million Eyes III won’t leave threads hanging or questions unanswered either.
  4. Million Eyes III will focus on the Unraveller from book 2 and will be part-prequel, part-midquel, part-sequel to book 2, with a large part of the book taking place at the same time as Adam and Lester’s adventures in The Unraveller
  5. Million Eyes III will reference certain events and characters from the Million Eyes short stories in Million Eyes: Extra Time and Million Eyes: Over Time. You won’t be lost if you haven’t read those, but you’ll enjoy the references and links if you have.

After Million Eyes comes to an end, my focus will be on my conspiracy horror novel The Puddle Bumps, and the sci-fi adventure mystery Breaching The Wall that I’m co-writing with my fiancee Katy.

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