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“What Happened to 70?” published in Best of British Science Fiction 2020 anthology from NewCon Press

My name didn’t make the cover but it’s what’s inside that counts 😉

Hi lovely readers. Yes, I know I’ve been conspicuously absent lately. Unfortunately writing’s had to take a back seat thanks to the builder renovating my new house deciding to bugger off mid-project. (That can be a story for another day!)

Today, however, is a good day. I’m very pleased and honoured to announce that my short story What Happened to 70? has made it into the Best of British Science Fiction 2020 anthology from NewCon Press. It’s appearing alongside the likes of M.R. Carey, the author who penned The Girl With All The Gifts, which is pretty frickin’ awesome frankly!

For those of you who follow my blog and my newsletter, you’ll know that What Happened To 70? was first published in the Rushmoor Writers 70th anniversary anthology The Thing About Seventy last year. Here’s the cover image and a link to buy the book if you’re interested. It features fiction and non-fiction stories from my fellow Rushmoor scribes about love, loss, lockdown, dragons, abandoned houses, dead people, mystical crystals, rebellions in the supermarket and, in the case of What Happened To 70?, vanishing numbers.

Vanishing numbers, you say?

Sounds a bit Doctor Who…

Well, yes. It’s certainly in that vein. What Happened To 70? is about two women – one who gets recruited to help engineer a breakthrough in quantum physics (guess what?), the other who discovers that the number 70 has inexplicably disappeared from the universe.

The story is set in the world of the Million Eyes trilogy and fills an important gap in the story, showing something not explained in the first novel.

You can read other short stories set in the Million Eyes universe by downloading the free collection Million Eyes: Extra Time, published by Elsewhen Press.

You can buy Best of British Science Fiction 2020 as a paperback for £12.99 and a signed hardback for £25.99. It features twenty-six stories.

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