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Million Eyes: Extra Time – 12 time-twisting tales now available for free download!

My debut professionally published book has been released by Elsewhen Press! An appetiser for the novel (out in January), Million Eyes: Extra Time is a collection of twelve short stories inspired by real conspiracy theories, mysteries and paranormal events. It’s now available in all ebook formats – and completely free!

Nine of these stories were previously published (by Storgy, Idle Ink, Phantaxis, Indie Authors Press and others). Three are brand new.

Think of them as an introduction to the Million Eyes world, giving you an initial insight into what the powerful time-travelling organisation at the heart of the trilogy are up to, and important clues to events that occur in the novels.

And here it is. 😀

Download here as pdf

Download here as mobi for Kindle device or desktop app

Download here as azk for Kindle iOS app

Download here as ePub for iBook, Kobo or any other eReader

Now, I have a huge favour to ask. Those who download and read Million Eyes: Extra Time, please please please could you be so kind as to post a quick review on Goodreads or perhaps even on your own blogs? That’s what we authors need the most, because reviews breed interest.

I announced the release of Million Eyes: Extra Time on Spaced Out Radio this morning (which was 5am for me – I’m expecting to feel the effects later!). During the two-and-a-half-hour interview, host Dave Scott and I talked about all things time travel, covering time travel in fiction, famous time slip cases like Rudolph Fentz and the Moberly-Jourdain incident, the possibility of the Loch Ness Monster being a time traveller, premonitions and loads more. You can also hear insights into many of the stories in Million Eyes: Extra Time. 

Have a listen on YouTube or Spreaker!

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