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The Million Eyes teaser trailer has landed!

The book trailer for Million Eyes is here!

This 1-minute book trailer is a teaser trailer and the first of two. A further trailer will be released on publication day (January 10th 2020) and will offer a couple of extra tidbits about the novel.

As you know, you can already read a chapter of the novel for free in Million Eyes: Extra Time, my collection of short stories set in the Million Eyes universe, released by Elsewhen Press last month. If you click the page you’ll find links to download it for free for all ebook platforms.

The collection includes 12 stories inspired by real-life mysteries, conspiracy theories and urban legends revolving around JFK, Paul McCartney, the Aberfan disaster, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth I, the Loch Ness Monster and more.

At the end of the collection is a chapter from the novel that introduces the first of my two main characters, Gregory Ferro. In the chapter, Ferro stumbles upon evidence that time travellers are screwing with our history and may have had something to do with the death of King William II.

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