Conspiracy Theories

The truth about Hillary Clinton’s body double

Is this the real Hillary?
Is this the real Hillary?

Is Hillary Clinton dead? Rumour has it she’s kicked the bucket and been replaced by a body double…

The internet loves a conspiracy theory. Hillary Clinton has faced accusations about her health throughout her presidential campaign, mainly fuelled by her opponent, Donald Trump (who claims to be in perfect health despite his large size and having the brains of a potato).

She’s been accused of having Parkinson’s, seizures, dysphasia… you name it. In 2012, she fainted—it was said due to dehydration—and hit her head, sustaining concussion. Subsequently a blood clot was found and she had to have surgery. Despite Hillary telling the world numerous times that she’s made a full recovery, conspiracy theorists believe that she and her aides are telling whopping porkies.

Apparently Hillary takes daily blood thinners for deep vein thrombosis after her 2012 blood clot and an earlier one in 2009. She suffered a further clot back in 1998, when her husband Bill was president. In 2015, a doctor’s letter revealed that she suffered from an under-active thyroid gland.

Then, on September 11th this year, in attendance at a ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial in New York, Hillary was taken ill. The following video shows her in plain sight having to be supported by aides and nearly collapsing.

But shortly afterwards, she emerged from her daughter’s apartment in New York and seemed to be fine and dandy. Here’s the video. You’ll notice that members of the crowd are asking Hillary why she collapsed. She refuses to answer. She just says she’s “feeling great”.

This of course means that the person exiting the apartment building is actually not Hillary Clinton at all. It’s a doppelganger. A body double. A fake.

Fake Hillary — the evidence

Is there any proof for Fake Hillary? Let’s call her Fillary. Saves time and sounds fun. There are some funny Twitter statuses suggesting that she lost a miraculous amount of weight in the hour and a half she was in her daughter’s apartment. Others say her nose is different and she’s suddenly gotten younger and shed some wrinkles. Oh, and the length of her fingers has changed! One user tweeted: “Hillary’s INDEX finger is longer than her RING finger. That ISN’T Hillary.”


Others have argued that Fillary seemed to be in perfect health despite being a wobbly mess a short while before. And if this was the real Hillary, she’d be surrounded by aides making sure she was alright.

Let’s take a look at a picture of Hillary before her collapse on September 11th.


Yes, that looks like Hillary.

Let’s take a look at a picture of Hillary after her collapse on September 11th.


Yes, that still looks like Hillary.

The truth about Fillary

According to conspiracy theorists, there’s been a concerted effort in the Clinton camp to cover up their nominee’s declining health. Fillary is used to make occasional public appearances when the real Hillary can’t handle it. The Clinton camp is trying to maintain the illusion of a healthy candidate in order to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

But is all this just baseless conservative pro-Trump propaganda?

Of course it is!

Those “spot the difference” pictures of Hillary are ludicrous. She looks exactly the same. If Fillary was real, then she’d have to be a clone (and I wasn’t aware we’d mastered human cloning) or an android (oh, come on). There are no differences in those photos that can’t be explained by camera angles, make-up and the way she’s walking. Her doctors and campaign officials said she was on antibiotics for pneumonia but had become dehydrated, hence why she fainted. Once she was re-hydrated, she was fine. I see nothing wrong with this story.

And the conservatives have been caught out before. In August, photos of Hillary being helped up some stairs were used to say she was so ill she couldn’t climb stairs on her own. revealed that the photos were actually from February, when she’d slipped on some stairs but carried on campaigning right after her minor fall. And there were tons of photos and videos showing Hillary climbing stairs unaided.

Another photo caused conservatives to allege that her bodyguard was a secret doctor, after seeing in his hand what they believed was a diazepam pen for treating seizures. argued that there was no actual proof of this “doctor” and that the diazepam pen was most likely a small torch.

And leaked medical records showing that Hillary had been diagnosed with dementia in 2013 were revealed by to be forgeries.

Of course, we all know that Donald Trump loves to disseminate conspiracy theories. You know, like the one about Barack Obama faking his birth certificate to run for president, which has been debunked more times than Trump has repeated himself in speeches.

And let’s consider Hillary’s health for a moment. Even if she isn’t the shiniest picture of well-being, the alternative is Donald Trump. I don’t give a monkey’s left ball if he’s healthier. A monkey’s left ball has more brains than he does. Hillary Clinton unconscious and on life support is a better presidential choice than that madman.

Next week: What happened to the Mary Celeste?


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