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My short story “Rachel Can See” will be published in Metamorphose Issue 2


Evening all! I mentioned in a recent blog that I had an announcement to make very soon about the Million Eyes Short StoriesWell, here it is!

Rachel Can See, a story I wrote at the end of 2014, is going to be published in the Fall 2016 volume of Metamorphose, a science fiction and fantasy magazine and resource for emerging or unpublished authors. Not only that—it’s been selected as an Honourable Mention Winner for that issue! Means I get a mention on the front cover of the journal—whoop! 😀

Rachel Can See, which was longlisted by Inktears in 2015, will become the third Million Eyes Short Story to be published.  As with the other stories in the series, it’s a conspiracy/mystery story that ‘teases’ the Millon Eyes TrilogyIt’s set in the same universe and focuses on a girl called Rachel Evans, who begins experiencing troubling memories about world events and her own life.

Amazingly, after Metamorphose accepted the story, so did another publication. Storgy said they really enjoyed the story and wanted to publish it on their website. However, as I’d already signed away first publication rights to Metamorphose, I had to turn them down. What is it they say about buses?

Encouraged by Storgy’s endorsement, I’ve offered them first dibs on four other stories, which they’re now considering. Fingers crossed they accept one of those instead!

new-metamorphose-globe-logo-color-pattern-600x600Metamorphose Issue 2 will be released on November 1st in print and e-book format. It’s a growing magazine, so please show your support by heading over and liking their Facebook page! They publish sci-fi and fantasy short stories on their website as well, along with book reviews and other features. They also publish useful articles for writers on their Metamorphose SFF Author Alliance (MSFFAA) website.

In other news, I’m writing a sequel to Rachel Can See, and I’ve drawn up an outline for a further short story inspired by the green children of Woolpit, which I blogged about a few weeks ago.

Million Eyes Short Stories currently available to read are Who Is Rudolph Fentz?, published in Scribble, Issue 68, and The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller, published in Tigershark, Issue 11.*

This week: What happened to the Mary Celeste?

*UPDATE: I understand from Scribble’s editor that Issue 68 is now out of print. I’m in the process of seeking re-publication of Who is Rudolph Fentz? in other mediums so that more people get the chance to read it. I’ll let you know as soon as I have news!

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