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Did the British government murder Dr David Kelly?

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Dr David Kelly
Did the British government bump off scientist and weapons expert Dr David Kelly because he knew the truth about the Iraq War?

We all knew ‘something was off’ back in 2003. In 2001, the September 11th attacks had sparked George Bush and Tony Blair’s ‘War on Terror’ and the US/UK invasion of Afghanistan to hunt down Al Qaeda. Then, less than 2 years after 9/11, suddenly we were hearing that Blair and Bush were about invade Iraq. Even though Iraq was not behind 9/11, we were told that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain had ‘something to do with Al Qaeda’ – though to be frank, we were never sure what. No specifics were ever given.

What both the US and UK governments were specific about was that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed within 45 minutes of an order being given. This claim – the ‘45 minute claim’ – was made in the government’s ‘September dossier’, the document that was used to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq and subsequent 9 years of war.

David Kelly death
Tony Blair

The powers that be made the whole Iraq situation sound so dire. We were still reeling from 9/11 and, oh my God, Iraq was somehow involved and – oh my God! – they’re going to unleash biological and chemical weapons on us! British newspaper The Sun perpetuated this with headlines like Brits 45 mins from doom.

But it was all a lie. And David Kelly knew. He spoke to BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan, revealing that the government was lying about the extent of Iraq’s WMDs in the September dossier. He specifically said that the ‘45 minute claim’ was bogus. It has since been proven that all of the allegations in the September dossier were false, effectively making the Iraq War an illegal and unnecessary war (which many people now believe was all to do with oil).

On 15th July 2003, David Kelly was brought before the UK Foreign Affairs Select Committee for questioning about his discussions with journalists. Two days later, he was found dead in the woods, his left wrist slit and three empty packs of co-proxamol painkillers in his pocket.

Not enough blood, not enough pills – and no fingerprints on the knife

The scene of David Kelly’s death sounds an awful lot like the scene of Marilyn Monroe’s death. In other words, it doesn’t make sense.

Tony Blair’s government set up the Hutton Inquiry, chaired by Lord Hutton, to look into Kelly’s death. The Inquiry’s verdict was that Dr Kelly died from loss of blood from a self-inflicted severed ulnar artery in his left wrist.

But in 2010, a number of medical doctors went public disputing this. They said that cutting the small ulnar artery would not have caused enough blood loss to kill Kelly. The blood evidence at the scene also didn’t add up. Only a very small amount of blood was found near his body and on his trousers. For blood loss to have killed him, he would’ve had to lose much more blood than this.

The Hutton Inquiry added that an overdose of co-proxamol may have contributed to Kelly’s death. But the doctors who disputed the Inquiry’s findings argued that the amount of co-proxamol in Kelly’s body was not enough to have constituted a fatal dose.

Some experts have also rejected the Hutton Inquiry’s contention that Kelly was under a severe amount of pressure due to being questioned about his discussions with reporters. They’ve claimed that Kelly showed no signs of wanting to end his life.

However, what’s most telling – and most disturbing – is this. A number of items were discovered with Kelly’s body: the knife he used to cut himself, the empty pill packets, a bottle of water, his mobile phone and his glasses.

And not a single fingerprint was found on any of them.

“Dark actors playing games”

I don’t easily subscribe to conspiracy theories, but there is something very dodgy about all this. The fact that a bunch of doctors have come forward and questioned the official cause of death is significant. I’m bemused as to how Dr Kelly actually died.

Kelly himself wrote in an email to New York Times journalist Judith Miller, just hours before his death, that there were “many dark actors playing games”. Earlier that year, Kelly had a conversation with British diplomat David Broucher, and when Broucher asked him what would happen if Iraq was invaded, Kelly replied, “I will probably be found dead in the woods.”

UN weapons inspector Richard Spertzel said in 2010 that Kelly was on a “hitlist” in the last years of his life. Also in 2010, Boris Karpichkov, a former KGB agent, revealed that a MI5-linked intelligence officer told him that Kelly had been “exterminated” and his death made to look like a suicide. Former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard has called for a full inquest into Kelly’s death, but Lord Hutton decided that all the evidence related to his death should be classified for 70 years.

David Kelly death
John Scarlett – the man who suggested that the government deceive the public over Iraq

And let’s not forget the September dossier. This document proves that the government is quite willing to launch full-scale war on lies and faulty intelligence. There is even a memo from intelligence officer John Scarlett to Tony Blair’s foreign affairs adviser that came to light in 2011, and is an even bigger eye-opener. Scarlett referred to “the benefit of obscuring the fact that in terms of WMD, Iraq is not that exceptional”. He was basically proposing that the government should mislead the public about the danger posed by Iraq in order to justify the war.

If the government is willing to do all this, and believes itself justified in doing so, then disposing of one old man threatening to bring the whole operation down is not that hard to believe.

It’s been rumoured that his computers, seized by intelligence officers during his questioning, contained a very sensitive book that Kelly had written. A book revealing lots of government-incriminating information about Kelly’s experiences with UK intelligence agencies. It’s alleged that his death was orchestrated to stop this book from coming out.

The question is, if an inquest is granted, will it really provide us with answers, or just more lies?  A lot of people still think the 2007 inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed was a complete sham. Why should we believe that an inquest into Kelly’s death will actually provide us with a true picture of what happened to him?

I suspect that if the government wants something to stay under wraps, it stays under wraps – at all costs.

Next week:
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2 thoughts on “Did the British government murder Dr David Kelly?”

  1. The prime suspect ordering the murder is John Scarlett.

    John Scarlett should be tortured without end, using every form of MI6 mind-bending terror known, certainly including threats to murder his children. He should end up a catatonic vegetable put out in s field to eat grass….

    The man is a psychopathic mass murderer, living a lawless life under protection.

    He should not be given the legal due process he so callously denied the innocents of Iraq. It should be made absolutely clear that anyone protecting him, withholding evidence of his crimes or seeking to alleviate his suffering will be liquidated the way MI6 has liquidated so many through its horrendous, despicable and disgraceful history.

    When people treat MI6 in this manner, its evil will start to wane…..


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