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Mysterious disappearances in Yosemite National Park – could it be Bigfoot?

Tunnel View, Yosemite
Tunnel View, Yosemite

Having visited twice, Yosemite National Park has got to be the most beautiful and awe-inspiring place I’ve ever seen. But is something sinister going on there? Are people being abducted by Bigfoot or perhaps even a clandestine branch of the government?

David Paulides, an ex-cop who used to work near Yosemite National Park, has been researching the recent spate of unexplained disappearances in America’s national parks. His research includes missing persons cases in Crater Lake National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and many others. But he’s found that the largest amount of mysterious vanishings have been occurring in Yosemite.

Monsters, wild men or… pterodactyls?

Most of the disappeared are children between 20 months and 12 years old, and elderly people between 74 and 85, according to Paulides. No one carrying a firearm has disappeared. This suggests that who or whatever is picking people off is going after the weak and vulnerable.

The cases bear some inordinately strange features. In 95% of cases, bad weather follows the disappearances, washing away footprints and clues and making it impossible to carry out searches. Bizarrely, the disappearances occur in areas where huckleberries are in abundance. And in a lot of missing children cases, the children are found miles away from where they disappeared in areas they couldn’t possibly get to on their own. Some are found without their shoes – yet their feet aren’t scratched or bruised. Some aren’t found at all, but their clothes are found – as if someone or something has deliberately removed their clothes.

There’s the strange case of 12-year-old Kenny Miller, who disappeared in the Yosemite vicinity in 1992. Last seen throwing pebbles into a stream, he was out of his parents’ sights for a couple of minutes, then vanished without a trace. After several weeks, his body was found, sans some of his clothes, high up on a mountain ridge – 1,400 feet higher than where he was last seen.

The River Merced, Yosemite
The River Merced, Yosemite

Paulides also cites the case of a 2-year-old boy who went missing in Ritter, Oregon, near the Umatilla National Forest. 19 hours after his disappearance, he was found unconscious in a frozen creek bed. But in order to get there, the toddler would’ve had to run non-stop for 12 miles across two mountain peaks in those 19 hours.

One man – Charles McCullar – disappeared in Crater Lake National Park. There was very little of him left when he was found. A pair of trousers, socks, the remains of some underwear. A few bones inside the socks. A bloody tibia inside the trousers. No boots, and strangely the trousers and belt buckle were undone. It was like he’d been “melted down”. His undamaged skull and a few other small bones were found in the vicinity.

McCullar’s gruesome death raises the following questions: what happened to the rest of him, why were his trousers undone and – most significantly – how did he get to where he was found? He would’ve had to travel 14 miles over 105 inches of fresh snow in a motor-vehicle-free zone.

This chain of coincidences would seem to suggest that some kind of creature is snatching people and carrying them away. This is how they end up in areas they couldn’t otherwise get to. Maybe these creatures have some kind of sixth sense when it comes to the weather, which is how they know the best times to abduct someone. And maybe they’ve got a taste for huckleberries, too.

But what kind of creature? Native American legend talks of monsters like the Wendigo, with its glowing eyes, yellow fangs and tendency to stalk the ‘lonely places’. Then there’s the Seeahtiks or ‘mountain devils’, who were said to have terrorised Native American tribes with their hypnotic powers and superhuman strength.

And then of course there’s Bigfoot. This ape-like creature is said to inhabit forests and wilderness in America and there have been numerous alleged sightings over the last century.

An alleged photo of Bigfoot
An alleged photo of Bigfoot

However, this is all just folklore and myth, and Bigfoot is still confined to the realms of cryptozoology and popular movies like Harry and the Hendersons. Many of the sightings have been explained away as misidentified animals and hoaxes.

Jonathan Whitcomb argues that pterodactyl-like flying creatures might be responsible for the disappearances. The creatures grab their prey by their clothes, but end up dropping those who slip out of their clothes. This could explain why sometimes just clothes are found and not bodies. A creature might’ve decided to lose the clothes and go back for the body. In cases where bodies are found intact, maybe the creatures didn’t go back for them, or they tried and couldn’t find them.

This might be what happened to Kenny Miller. It’s possible he was dropped by whatever flew him away. This could be why he was found without some of his clothes, and could explain how he managed to end up halfway up a mountain. The bad weather that followed Kenny’s disappearance might be explained by the fact that the creature knew a storm was coming – perhaps by sensing the lower pressure in the air – and knew it needed to get a meal in first.

The same thing could’ve happened to McCullar, and that’s how his body ended up where it did. Though in his case, either the pterodactyl went back for him, or something else got him. There’s still the question of his undone trousers, though some have argued that he was relieving himself when he was taken.

Pterodactyls in Yosemite?
Pterodactyls in Yosemite?

Another possibility is that Yosemite and other national parks in America are inhabited by wild humans. Paulides mentions the case of a 6-year-old boy who vanished in 1969 in the Great Smoky Mountains. Those looking for him spotted a man in the bushes carrying something over his shoulder. Soon after, the United States Army Special Forces – or ‘Green Berets’ as they are known – showed up and mysteriously took over the search. But the boy was never seen again.

Paulides was told during his investigation that “wild men” were known to live in the park that the park service had not been able to control. Could tribes of these wild men be responsible for all the national park disappearances?

What’s the government’s role in all this?

What’s particularly intriguing about this mystery is the strange behaviour of government bodies connected to it.

Firstly, there’s the presence of Green Berets in the above mentioned case. Green Berets deal with special reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and what’s known as unconventional warfare. Why would they get involved in the case of a missing 6-year-old?

Then there’s the event that sparked Paulides’ investigation. It was when a couple of concerned park rangers paid him a visit. They told him that an inordinate amount of disappearances were taking place and that the National Park Service (NPS) was not dealing with them properly. As in, they weren’t conducting proper follow-up investigations and weren’t tracking the people going missing. But why?

Most disconcerting is the apparent reluctance of the authorities to hand over information about the disappearances to Paulides. The NPS and the FBI refused to disclose information about several specific cases. And when Paulides asked for a list of missing persons in Yosemite, he was initially told there were no records. Then he was told he would have to part with $34,000 in order to get them. If he wanted records for all the national parks, he’d have to part with $1.4 million.

Are these figures because they have no records and this is how much it would cost to compile them? Or are they to ward Paulides off? If the latter is true, perhaps they really do have full and complete records of everyone who’s gone missing, but those records contain things they don’t want us to know.

What could they be hiding? Is it that they know exactly what’s going on in Yosemite and they’re covering it up? Why would they do that?

Well, maybe it’s because they started it. Perhaps whatever creatures now lurk in the American wilderness are the product of a government experiment that went wrong. Maybe they have an agreement with the “wild men” of the forests. Or perhaps the government itself is abducting people for a sinister and unknown purpose.

And if it’s not them, not wild humans, not pterodactyls and not Bigfoot, there is – of course – only one culprit left.


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28 thoughts on “Mysterious disappearances in Yosemite National Park – could it be Bigfoot?”

  1. I think it’s a combination of all of these causes; it would depend upon the facts of the case as to which entity was the perpetrator, in my opinion. Mr. Whitcomb definitely does his research, and I do agree that it seems that at least some of the cases in Mr. Paulides’ books could have been taken by pterodactyls. All of this is both fascinating and unnerving to me. Thank you for this article. Be safe out there: don’t wear red, always have a GPS transponder on you, don’t walk alone, carry a licensed firearm if you can, and watch the trees/sky as well as the trail.


  2. Once the alphabet agencies are called in it becomes a matter of Off World interest – or in this case Underworld… it is NOT Sasquatch nor any of their family since they are part of the wardens of the Living Library, part of the Elohim Alliances. More likely the remains of what is left of those which some people call Nephilim, but are also known as “Dero” – a very present danger in some National Parks (or under them). Please do re-search this creature


  3. The devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. 2d Peter

    Its the devil. Its obviously an invisible stealthy incredibly fast and powerful being that can fly and eats people. Satan as a fallen angel fits this description. So do the other fallen angels.


  4. Im not convinced that its pterodactyls taking people in these national parks..I have a pet bird about 10 inches long and as small as he is I can still hear the flapping of his wings from the other end of the need more proof on that theory..


  5. The gov doesnt care. Theyer behind most all these mystery killings and abductions.
    Are kids are no longer safe in great america


  6. Im feeling its just some kind of ape like creature because alot of peoples bodys that were found were missing clothes and shoes as if this creature is curious and then if people try to fight it it can be agressive with them and attack as if to lash out


  7. I am very lucky to be here to tell this story, I lived in Planada, a town in Merced County where I had 2 encounters with a creature that was following me late at night, it had a Demonic screaming voice and it could jump hundreds of feet in the air from treetop to treetop, each time when he landed on the treetop, it landed so hard and the tree swayed so much the branches hit the ground, I thought the tree was going to snap in half, these were tall Maple trees on Stanford Ave. in Planada. This creature could have easily taken me, he jumped 3 times, the 3rd time he jumped is when I became terrified, I yelled from the top of my lungs with my arms in the air and ran mountain bike as fast as I could. After doing much research trying to find out what I saw I narrowed down to a WENDIGO which I never heard of, this creature with it’s speed and strength can easily grab a human and carry it up a mountain in minutes if not seconds, when a person disappears they should begin the search with at least a 5 mile perimeter and search from the outside in, Military with helicopters might be the only way to kill this creature. The bad news is that there are MANY WENDIGOS, these creatures are Demonic and from the Fallen Angels and what ISN’T from GOD is from the devil. Helen Parks mentioned the Nephilim, she’s not far off, God flooded the world to kill off the Nephilim, the Giants and the spirit of the Giants are the Demons that God condemned to Earth. They’re here with us and just like before the Angels saw that the daughters of man were beautiful they came down and took wife’s for them self’s and had offspring, the Nephilim, Demons today can come from the spirit realm into the physical realm.

    Only God knows why I survived and witnessed the most horrific event in my life but I truly believe it’s a WENDIGO taking people, he can grab you so quick you wouldn’t even know and carry you far away, while the search party is searching the area where the missing were last seen, the WENDIGO has the victim over the mountain or miles away, he is very hard to find because he will hide in the trees and on roof tops behind chimneys.

    This hits home because I could have been a mysterious missing person or a person that vanished, Planada in part of the Yosemite Valley, Merced River runs right through Planada, I’m not far off from Yosemite Park.


    1. Thanks for telling your story Joe! Sounds scary what happened to you, but I suspect it was a very Earthly creature that you’ve mistaken for some monster sent by the Devil.


      1. With all due respect, I don’t understand how you can suspect what happened to me 12 years ago, so now I guess I’m support disregard what I witnessed that changed my life and believe what you think happened to me when you weren’t even there, can you explain that to me? you tell me an earthly creature that can jump from a treetop and land on another treetop 3 or 4 houses away? I’ll tell you it’s not a kangaroo. Please don’t my intelligence I came here to share what happened to me once I found out many people were disappearing and many of them are found on high ground, the creature that was stalking me is probably the thing causing people to disappear.

        C.R, BERRY, if you would like a chance to see the creature I can help you, I can’t guarantee you will survive, first thing you have to do is to find a house and move to Planada, you have to be patience and you might need to live there 3 to 5 years, next thing you will need to do is very important, you must walk or ride your bike just like I did after 1:30AM and even better if it’s foggy, do that ever night staying out for a couple of hours and don’t worry this horrific Beast will find you. I know you can still find it there.. He could have easily jumped on me and if it did jump on me with the strength it jumps from trees it would pounce on me so hard it wouldn’t surprise me if I left my shoes behind. I consider my self a survivor and could have been a missing person never to be seen again.


      2. I certainly meant no offence. However, it’s called cryptozoology for a reason. While I love writing about these creatures, I haven’t yet come across real evidence that any of these creatures exist. I meant this article to just be fanciful conjecture. Of course, the other thing that makes me doubt your story is your references to God and the Devil and Biblical creatures. I’m an atheist who is constantly arguing that the Bible is not a trustworthy historical document but something that was written by people who didn’t understand the world. No one can use information from the Bible to support their arguments.


      3. Okay, let’s try this again… you said “I haven’t yet come across real evidence that any of these creatures exist” You haven’t BUT I HAVE and no matter what you or anyone else thinks or says it’s NOT gonna CHANGE what happened to me, so just because you think it’s unrealistic that I may crazy and that it’s just a fabrication of my overimagination, I wish what you thought and said could change what happen to me but it won’t, ever….I still can’t believe to this day that something crazy is out there. You mentioned that you’re an atheist, so you actually believe in something without having any proof, how much effort on research have you done to come to this conclusion that God the Creator doesn’t exist? In matter of fact I can answer that question for you, evolution is Bullshit, you can’t take a chicken and turn into a pig no matter how long it takes, You say that you certainly meant no offense but you’re pretty good at it with all these fancy words, coming to conclusions just because you have no evidence, well excuse me…do both of us a favor and stop insulting my intelligence and GO to YOSEMITE, go camp out in the wilderness, go wonder in the woods at night to find your evidence and stop calling me a liar. It’s not my fault I have evidence and you don’t but that doesn’t give you a right to speculate what you think happen to someone else because you’re not smart enough, somehow God doesn’t exist according to you so you just popped up under the sun and happen to know it all. I will never understand how it feels to have so much to take for granted and have no one to give thanks to? Go do your research out in the field, I told you how to find the evidence you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it sitting in front of a computer, Go to Yosemite, Go to Planada, Go wonder the woods at night, I guarantee when IT finds you, you gonna wish GOD existed. I WILL BET MY LIFE what I saw was real and in the flesh. Stop speculating and go to Yosemite or Yosemite Valley and walk around at 2AM every night. Let me guess, you don’t wanna waste your time because you already know the answer, right? For your sake if you’re crazy enough to go take a big gun with plenty Silver bullets, hide the gun cause IT is not stupid. You better stay in front of your computer because finding IT is will wish you never did. Save your money and Go to Yosemite and plan to camp out for at least 1 year and I bet everything I got you won’t return.


      4. I don’t have time to deal with young pecker woods who think they know it all, you don’t believe in God and you have no evidence of his non existence, all your facts are based on speculation, you’re a dreamer and it’s easy to see that, somehow you knew exactly what happened to me 12 years ago and you weren’t even there and yet in your mind you believed and even convinced that it was my imagination, tell me how that fuck do you know that??? you just fabricate your own theory what you think happened and you weren’t even there, I’m probably twice your and you gonna teach me something under the sun that I don’t already know. Don’t talk about God or Jesus like you know what you’re talking about because you don’t, I’ve spent more time researching many things longer than you been in this world, It’s just easier for you to fabricate shit in your head you think is correct, everything I believe in I have found proof beyond a reasonable doubt, I don’t believe in hear say or crap invented in my head but yet your response to me was “but I suspect it was a very Earthly creature that you’ve mistaken for some monster” but I suspect it was a very Earthly creature…Go Fuckyourself ….unbelievable…. this pecker head gonna tell me what happened to me, I was fucking the Prom Queen when you were still swimming in your daddies nuts. Don’t give that shit, you think you’re smarter than everybody else, but you’re not and if anything you’re about the dumbest idiot I’ve came across, Mr. Know It All. you gonna try and tell me what happened to me over 12 years ago like I need your help. That’s just to show you what a weak mind you have, you make decisions with no facts to back it up, if I was a Judge and you came in my Court room with outrageous speculations and with no facts to prove your case, forget about the door I’d throw out the window myself. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to roam free to infect the public with bullshit beliefs and speculations like you’ve spent your whole life researching before come to a conclusion, I speculate you just a wanna be with all the fancy words, you like to hear yourself talk And one last thing about you been to Yosemite twice and nothing happened to you, I understand that but like I said you need to MOVE there, not VISIT. You have to invest a good amount of time and effort, if you have to spend your life searching, dedicate yourself before you reach a conclusion, no one wants to hear your bullshit speculations that you fabricate out of thin air. I came here to share that what happened to me could be the cause so many people go missing, I didn’t come here for you to tell me what think happened me. My advice to you is to find hard evidence, proof or facts before you decide to believe in something and not your bullshit speculations, fantasies or stories.


      5. 😂

        Oh dear. What do you think this God of yours would think of the way you just spoke to me? Do you think he’d be proud?

        I’m only going to respond to one thing in your post as the rest is just angry insults.

        You say “you don’t believe in God and you have no evidence of his non-existence.”

        No, my friend. That’s not how it works. You have to give me evidence FOR his existence. What you’ve said is like me saying I believe the world was created by a magical giant unicorn with three heads and you need to prove to me that’s not true. The burden of proof is not on me. It’s on you.

        Thanks for visiting my blog!


      6. I’m not a religious freak and as far as my behavior goes God know I’m not perfect but since I was a kid I wanted to know if this God everyone spoke about really existed, so I realized from a young age that the greatest discovery a man can make in his lifetime was not buried or sunken treasures but to find if God that’s written in the Bible really existed. I knew this was going to take a long time but even if it took my entire life, I was not going to give up until I found solid proof, tangible or not that I was going to find the answer, you see, I had to be 100% sure and have absolutely NO doubt that what I believe in is gonna have to hold it’s weight in gold. You have to dedicate yourself 100 percent come hell or high water until you found the facts, proof and indisputable evidence before you decide to believe in something with your whole heart, otherwise you’re just a fool that even the shit coming out of your fart box will make more sense than the crap coming out of your mouth.
        Whether God existed or not I was going to find proof, and I did many, many years of research found an overwhelming amount of evidence, literal facts, proof beyond your imagination that God Almighty does really exist. You see I am beyond convinced and I’m 100% sure that I would be willing to bet my life on it. I can’t show you how to find your answers to your questions, you have to go an find it on your own, I can point to the direction but you have find solid proof on your own, make sure it’s solid evidence and even the biggest fool couldn’t deny it. When you say you believe this or that but wouldn’t bet your head on it than you’re just full of shit and living in fantasy land.
        And just take another look at your response man, I mean I am talking to a grown man or a fucking Kid? “”No, my friend. That’s not how it works. You have to give me evidence FOR his existence, you need to prove to me that’s not true. The burden of proof is not on me. It’s on you”” This world doesn’t owe you shit, I’m not responsible for your stupid decisions I got my own to worry about. It’s not my fault you’re blind and ungrateful. Stop speculating cause you really not that good at and find time to re evaluate your bullshit beliefs, okay go search and you’ll find it if you never give up, I guarantee you’ll find indisputable proof, maybe not the answer you’re looking for but you’ll find the truth. As far as the creature I already pointed the way and know how you can find him, if you really want something put your heart into it, rent a house in Planada, find a job in Merced to support you and go out late at night on foot, or bike every chance you get, spend a couple of years there, from articles I’ve read the Wendigo supposedly hibernates for a few years at a time so dedicate yourself for at least 5 years in Yosemite Valley and i’m pretty confident you will find it. so after you move there and have followed my instructions to the T but ended up with no results than I’d be more forgiving you calling me a liar but don’t you dare speculate when you haven’t done shit to prove me wrong other than typing on a keyboard.


      7. Sorry Joe, but your arguments are empty. You talk about having researched for years and found “literal facts” and an “overwhelming amount of evidence” for God’s existence but you haven’t told me what any of it is. Come on, what are these “literal facts” you speak of?

        I do love the line about the “shit coming out of your fart box” though – hilarious! 😂


      8. One more thing, you said the Bible is not trustworthy because it was written by people, but this just an example, Presidents, Lawyers and Doctor often when writting a letter will speak and the secretary will write it down, I bet you never read the Bible and the research you did to believe God doesn’t exist was weak at best, any person with common sense of a child can see solid evidence that a transcendent Creator must exist. I will share something you probably never gave thought to, Jesus, if this man was not God in the flesh he’s Birth and Death would not cause us to be in the year 2019, calender time stopped at BC, before Crist and AD, after death, that means that Crist lived 33 years old and so there’s 33 years missing from the point of BC and AD. There is no man in this world worthy or even capable to that, you couldn’t even change 1 second but this man made an impact so great that only God could have done that. There’s an incretible amount of proof that a God exists but I believe there is only 2 reasons why you don’t believe God exists, 1.) God has blinded you and 2.) You’re just too dumb to learn the truth if it smacked you in the face. Pardon de expression. No ofense but as far as I’m concerned your investigative work is pathetic at best.


      9. Oh Joe.

        I have been to Yosemite, thank you. Twice. (I say that in the first line of my article; we’re you paying attention?) First time I stayed I camped. No monsters.

        I’m afraid the moment you said “evolution is bullshit”, your arguments just went from far-fetched to stupid. It is an incontrovertible FACT that organisms have changed and evolved over the course of the history of life on Earth. You can’t have an opinion on that, Joe.

        And let me try this again, see if it goes in. The Bible is a RELIGIOUS document, not a historical one. That’s why we don’t study it in HISTORY.

        As for Jesus, there are only three things about Jesus that most scholars would agree to be facts: he existed, he was baptised, and he was crucified. And that’s because these things are either verified in non-Christian texts or are supported by the criterion of embarrassment. Everything else written about Jesus in the gospels is inconsistent, untrustworthy and laced with religious bias.

        PLEASE go read a book that ISN’T the Bible and come back to me.


  8. These “literal facts” I speak of I cannot share with you this is something you must find on your own. If you believe that God is nonexistent than dedicate yourself for the rest of your life if you must until you find undisputed proof of such a claim, if God Almighty doesn’t exist you should find proof of he’s nonexistence but if you can’t find it that means He must exist. Our existence was not made by accident but by design, there must be a Creator, nothing can create itself, if you believe God doesn’t exist make sure you got the facts straight but you gonna pay life weather like it or not. Invest and protect yourself and find the truth on your own, you better be sure what you believe in because if you’re wrong you gonna pay heavy for it.


    1. Oh, you can’t share your “literal facts”? How convenient. Let me explain to you what a fact is. It’s something that is OBJECTIVELY true and can be demonstrated with proof. The grass is green. The sky is blue. Humans breathe oxygen. Humans have brains (well, most of them, anyway). Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. These are all FACTS.

      You’re not telling me what these literal facts are because there aren’t any. Religion isn’t based on fact. It’s based on belief. That’s why there are so many different religions and they all disagree with each other.

      And, again, I don’t need to disprove God’s existence because there is no evidence FOR his existence. It’s preposterous to ask someone to disprove something that can’t actually be proven.


      1. Facts does not have to be tangible, it could be visions, spiritual experiences, divine intervention, communication between you and God Almighty directly. Rest a sure believing or thinking God is nonexistent won’t change a thing, you’re not in control I guarantee it, you’re not that special, you will meet your maker whether you like it or not just like everyone else.

        “you’re not telling me what these literal facts are because there aren’t any. Religion isn’t based on fact” A Wise man has much to learn but you’re a fool know it all, there are thousands of facts in plain sight but I’m only going to name one, I’m not even gonna waiste my time, but for example: Passover is a Fact


      2. Oh Joe. 1. You don’t know what a fact is. None of those things are facts. I think you need to get acquainted with the dictionary. 2. There are thousands of facts in plain sight, apparently, and you say “Passover is a fact”. What about Passover? That it is an annual Jewish festival? Yes, that is a fact. As to what it commemorates (if that’s what you’re referring to), i.e. the Exodus, that is NOT fact. That is a story. A story with no historical basis. Do you see the difference? Facts are PROVABLE. How does mentioning Passover help your argument?


  9. Oh Berry..Yes Passover is a fact of God’s existence, it is not story or even a holiday or a festival, but a celebration of an event that took place over 3,200 years ago, not only Israel but Egypt also celebrates Passover, this is when the Spirit of Death passed over over Egypt and the Israelites marked the doorposts with lamb’s blood to protect the first born in every family from the tenth plague, there was loud wailing throughout Egypt that night worse than there has ever been or ever will be again. Now you tell me, how can you or anyone else that has ever existed in this world could convince not 1, but 2 nations to celebrate an event if it never took place? For those that can see that is more than enough proof or fact of God’s existence. I believe in the Creator, you believe in the creature, the Devil.


    1. Joe, there’s really no point me continuing this conversation. Your grasp on reality is limited, you don’t know what a fact is, and you sadly don’t understand the difference between what is written in your precious Bible and actual history.

      However, I will leave you with this brief quote in the vain hope that ‘something’ goes in, and wish you well. This is taken from a book by Megan Bishop Moore and Brad E. Kelle called “Biblical History and Israel’s Past”, page 81.

      “Most important is the fact that no clear extrabiblical evidence exists for any aspect of the Egyptian sojourn, exodus, or wilderness wanderings.”


      1. You’re FULL OF SHIT, you a sneaky BASTARD, you left my last reply out and ended on your lame response, Oh you must be mistaken for and Earthly creature, you probably thousands of miles from where it happened and more than a decade ago and this fucking BIRD brain figured out what happened to me and wasn’t even there, you deserve to Win the Nobel Prize for being the Dumbest motherfucka on the PLANET.


  10. “He says” I’m Atheist and I believe in fabricating bullshit speculations out of thin air, that’s conjecture but regardless you gonna meet you maker just like everybody else, you ain’t no better, believe in whatever you want cause it’s not gonna change anything. My only request is whatever you do please don’t procreate,


    1. Joe, there’s no need to be abusive now is there? Calm down and go have a nice cup of tea. (What would Jesus think of this behaviour?)

      Also, FYI, there were no further comments from you after my last one. Perhaps you forgot to press ‘send’?


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