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“The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller” to be published by Tigershark

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I come bearing news! The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller is about to become the second of the Million Eyes Short Stories to be published.

The story will be part of Issue 11 of Tigershark Magazine, a free e-zine of flash fiction, short fiction and poetry that’s been running since 2013.  Issue 11 should be out at the end of the month. Latest updates from Tigershark Publishing can be found on their Facebook page. I will obviously post any updates about Issue 11 on “Behind The Curtain” as soon as I have them, too.

The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller is based on a time travel urban legend that captured the public’s imagination in 2010. I touched on it in a previous blog, but I’ll be writing a more substantive article about it soon.

The story stars a fictionalised version of George Clarke, an Irish filmmaker best known for horror and zombie movies. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been in contact with George and he’s read the story—and given me his seal of approval! 🙂

In future blogs, I will talk more about George, his films, and his role in the Charlie Chaplin time traveller urban legend. And I will try and get to the bottom of whether this particular legend is fiction or fact…

Watch this space in the meantime. The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller will be available to read soon!

The first Million Eyes Short Story was published last winter in Issue 68 of Scribble Magazine and is called Who is Rudolph Fentz? (and is also inspired by a  famous time travel urban legend). You can read this story by purchasing a copy of Issue 68 from Scribble’s website.

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