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Sneak peek of my short story “Who is Rudolph Fentz?”

An alleged photo of the mysterious Rudolph Fentz
An alleged photo of the mysterious Rudolph Fentz

As promised yesterday, I’m back with a sneak peek of my short story Who is Rudolph Fentz? Based on the actual urban legend of time traveller Rudolph Fentz, this is the first of the Million Eyes Short Stories to be published and appears in the winter 2015 issue of Scribble magazine.

The following paragraphs are taken from near the beginning of the story, when bystander Forrest Thomson spots a strange-looking man in 19th century clothes in Times Square, New York City…


When the traffic lights went green, the man made a run for the sidewalk, stepping straight in front of a taxi that mowed him down. Forrest ran over to where the man lay, but a crowd of people and some police officers had already surrounded him. Forrest’s gaze shifted between different members of the crowd, trying to discern what people were saying. How bad was he hurt? Forrest’s question was quickly answered by a woman who was much closer: “He’s stone-dead! Why on Earth did he run out like that?”

It was at that moment that Forrest noticed another woman standing amid the crowd, saying nothing, just looking. He noticed her because she was the only person who didn’t appear shocked by the fact that a dead man lay in the middle of the road in front of her. He saw her look at her watch. Then she turned and walked away.


Instead of staying with the crowd, Forrest was compelled to follow her. She flagged down a taxi, forcing Forrest to make a quick decision.

It’s nearly half eleven. I should go home.

Damn it. There’s something strange about all this. That man, his clothes, the fact that he looked like he’d never seen a car before. This woman knows something.


That’s your lot, folks! If you want to read more, hop over to Scribble‘s website and purchase a copy of the winter issue for £4.50.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

1 thought on “Sneak peek of my short story “Who is Rudolph Fentz?””

  1. Rudolph Fentz could be another Rip Van Winkle – both sleeping for decades without realizing it. Today we might say aliens did it, but why they would is a mystery, unless they want to prove humans can’t always explain themselves or their experiences without invoking the unprovable.


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