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Are the British Royal Family really a bunch of alien lizards?

So here we have the wackiest conspiracy theory of all, popularised by ex-Coventry City goalkeeper David Icke: our royal family are descended from a clan of extraterrestrial lizards called the ‘Babylonian Brotherhood’. Today I’m asking, is Mr Icke’s theory really as ludicrous as it sounds?

Let’s break this down. The British House of Windsor is part of a cabal of reptilians in human form secretly controlling us as part of the New World Order. This group also includes a bunch of presidents, prime ministers and… comedian Bob Hope. They’re all descended from a race of reptilians from the Draco constellation. These reptilians invaded Earth thousands of years ago and can shape-shift when they drink human blood. Oh, and the moon isn’t real. Neither is the reality we think we’re living in. Actually, the moon is an inter-dimensional spaceship controlled by the reptilians that projects a virtual reality ‘moon matrix’ into our minds. And the reptilians are not just from outer space. They’re from the fourth dimension.

Makia Freeman, editor of The Freedom Articles, writes that “the evidence is very strong that [reptilians] exist.”

Alright then, let’s take a little look….

“They’re not human.”
                                 Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s nicknames for the Royal Family were “the lizards” and “the reptiles”. She also said, “They’re not human.” According to Diana, the Queen Mother was a lot older than people thought. In fact, according to Diana, none of the Royal Family had died for a long time; they just kept recreating themselves from little pieces of flesh, cloning themselves over and over.

Wait, did I say “according to Diana”? Forgive me. All this is actually according to someone called Christine Fitzgerald, allegedly a close friend and confidant of Princess Diana’s for nine years. Fitzgerald says that Diana told her these things, but didn’t want to tell anyone else for fear of being called crazy. Convenient.

What else do we know about this alleged friend of Diana’s? She’s a gifted healer (oh dear, not a good start) and all the information we have about her comes from David Icke (even worse). She’s one of the ‘eyewitnesses’ he claims to have met with when researching for his book, The Biggest Secret. It’s possible, therefore, that she’s a figment of his imagination. In any case, this ‘evidence’ from Diana is third-hand hearsay.

“I have seen her sacrifice people and eat their flesh.”
                                                                                         Arizona Wilder

Arizona Wilder is a woman who claims to have been the subject of a mind-control experiment by the reptilians. This woman is certainly real—there is a video of David Icke interviewing her.

Wilder says this of Queen Elizabeth II:

“I have seen her sacrifice people and eat their flesh and drink their blood. One time she got so excited with blood lust that she didn’t cut the victim’s throat from left to right in the normal ritual, she just went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh after she’d shape shifted into a reptilian. When she shape-shifts, she has a long reptile face, almost like a beak, and she’s an off-white colour.”

Wilder also says that Princess Diana was a victim of mind-control by the reptilians. She recalled one ‘ritual’ that both she and Diana attended. It happened in 1981, just before Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. Wilder says that the Queen, the Queen Mother, Prince Philip, Diana’s father Earl Spencer, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were all present when Diana was brought into the room. After being drugged, Diana was told by the Royals that her marriage to Charles was nothing more than a means to produce heirs. That Camilla was his true consort, not her.

Wow, it all makes sense now. That’s why Diana said, “There were three of us in this marriage.”

Icke believes that Diana’s tragic demise in a car crash in 1997 was a ritualistic murder committed by the reptilian Royal Family, a sacrifice to the ancient goddess Diana—or something.

“He married his crocodile wife.”
                                       Mohammed Al-Fayed

As far as I’m aware, Mohammed Al-Fayed does not subscribe to Icke’s theory that the Royal Family are lizards. But he’s certainly not a fan. He believes wholeheartedly that they conspired to murder Princess Diana and his son, Dodi Fayed. But pro-reptilian conspiracy theorists have seized on his words and taken them literally.

When Al-Fayed accused Prince Charles of being involved in Diana’s death, he said that he was “clearing the decks” so he could marry Camilla Parker-Bowles—his “crocodile wife”. That must mean he knows that Camilla is a shape-shifting reptile like the rest of them! He also referred to the Royal Family as a “Dracula family”—whatever that means. Oh, wait. The conspiracy theorists know exactly what that means, drawing connections between Dracula, blood-sucking and of course, the Draco constellation where the reptilians are from.

Sorry, but I can’t hold it any longer. Some of the conspiracy theories I write about actually have merit. Princess Diana’s death, for instance, is definitely one that is steeped in uncomfortable unanswered questions. And yes, cover-ups do happen, we all know that.

But this? David Icke’s reptilian New World Order claptrap is the most absurd conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard (actually, maybe this and ‘Flat Earth’ are tied). The people that Icke interviewed—they’re not ‘eyewitnesses’. They’re mentally deranged idiots. Having watched parts of Icke’s interview with Arizona Wilder, it’s frankly astonishing. It’s one utter fruit and nut cake interviewing another.

Icke has to be from the land of stupid to take these people’s ludicrous ramblings about blood-sucking lizards and mind-control rituals and ancient aliens as gospel—without a shred of physical proof. And that’s what this boils down to, folks. Not a single piece of objective physical evidence exists to support Icke’s theories. Nothing. Zilch.

What’s fascinating to me is how articulate Icke is about his lizard theories. He speaks as though he really does know what he’s talking about. Guess that shows how deep his mental illness goes. Oh, and he’s a footballer, isn’t he? They do say a lot of them would lose a debate with a doorknob (sorry, footie fans 🙂 ).

All of this is beautifully entertaining, of course, I’ll give it that. They could make a great TV show of it.

Oh wait, they did. V.

Funny. David Icke starting spouting nonsense about lizards taking over the world after the TV series V aired, popularising the idea. His ‘moon matrix’ theory came some years after the release of a little movie called The Matrix.

What does this tell us?

Next week: a conspiracy proven true—Watergate

15 thoughts on “Are the British Royal Family really a bunch of alien lizards?”

  1. David Icke’s theories aren’t all that far off from the truth, some may be a little bit out there, but why would the others try to silence him if he wasn’t onto something? And everything about Draco is true as well.


      1. I heard that some people from the Illuminati or something like that tracked him down and tried to shoot him, but that’s just something I’ve heard about.


      2. You got a surprise coming mate 🙂 lol u lot are all the same. As soon as u start to abuse people, u lose. Even people who did not believe in this story, now go digging because of people like you 🙂 Who pays ur wages?? Do u believe in demons? 😉


  2. Whoever wrote this article has done zero research….shapeshifting is a big part of witchcraft…so is drinking blood…Al Gore who is a global elite was caught with a briefcase of blood at airport….easy to look up…many are connected to or covering up pedophile and human trafficking rings…plenty of research out there
    Mind control is real….look up mk ultra there are documented court cases that illuminatie does this via CIA and other entities

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    1. Every once in a while I come across somebody who’s just mountains of crazy. And it reminds me that my life isn’t so bad. Thank you.


  3. Your story here is nothing but an attempt of discrediting this woman and Icke which means you’re either naive and ignorant, or perhaps you’re working for the evil ones. In either case all I would tell people here is to clean up their Pineal glands by stop using fluoride in water and toothpaste, which is what the ruling elite don’t want you to do because soon as you do you’ll be able to see these entities too, this is why Hitler fluoridated the water in his concentration camps and why throughout ancient history and the bible, it speaks of the third eye. Also, do Kundalini meditation for even better results. God has a special message for idiots, your time is up!

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  4. Hi, you are relying on evidence which the foundation of evidence with your eye that you need to see, which it is the reason you are atheist, that you need to see proof, but what about trust of other people say that what they say it is true. If you don’t rely other people, and you rely yourself, you contradict yourself by need evidence, but you resist evidence of other people, which you don’t see because there is nothing to see which you need to see, but evidence of words of other people that make sense, so logical is evidence that makes sense. No reason you say they are insane or anything and to equal flat earth that is insane, same as God is not there (you may not say God is not there is insant, but you are saying there is no proof, so basically it is both same, not seeing the result you call that person insane, which I am insane for saying God is there), the point the foundation of you saying they are wrong because there is no evidence to your eye. Well, there is more evidence of flat earth, than there is God and what David Icke says, but the point you have to listen what people say and to see what they make sense and be willing to change to match what they say about a flat earth. So, ok, I understand you need proof and you resist flat earth, so it is proof that you have first when you were young so you believe globe, so you are not willing to change for flat earth because it is connected to evidence of another person’s words. The problem is not listening to evidence of other people, which you want evidence, well, you can’t have all evidence that you see for everything, you don’t know all, you are human like us, not almighty as know all like God, plus it is arrogant, so it is irony and it matches the saying too much of good thing is not good, so are too much of bad thing is not good, the point humans need to be in balance, can’t be everything, but listen to other people because human are limit. You can make yourself unlimited by not listening to other people, then you would be like God and not listen to people and make a decision for everything, which you would contradict yourself by saying there is no God, when you are a god or God. You see what I am typing here? It is about being careful and not jump to conclusion.


    1. I am listening to other people. I am listening to the billions of people who say the world is a sphere, and have been saying so for hundreds of years.

      Plus, these days you don’t always have to believe the ‘eyes’ of others. There is plenty of objective physical evidence to demonstrate that the world is not flat.

      Anyway, this article is about the reptilian elite. Why are we talking about Flat Earth? 😆


  5. I’m not inclined to believe in reptilians, but ancient aliens did exist and they exist today. Not in the Hollywood sense, but in the Biblical sense…fallen angels that came to Earth to mate with human women. The Bible speaks of it and also the book of Enoch which goes into more detail. Now if you’re a fallen angel, then you don’t get much respect, UNLESS, you attempt to pass yourself off as something you’re not…interplanetary space travelers or ET’s who are here to “help” us in the troubling times ahead. They don’t use UFO’s because they need to but because they want to. All the UFO sightings are their attempt to slowly acclimate humans into believing in ET’s. Ever wonder why they always seem to have lights? Because the fallen angels WANT their UFO’s to be seen.

    I watched a UFO years ago. It looked like an ordinary star, but was moving in a zigzag pattern down the sky. At each star it came to, it stopped and merged until the two were indistinguishable. But after about 5 seconds, the light began to increase and pulse, until it was the brightest object in the sky. This continued for about 3 minutes, at which point the light decreased back to normal and the UFO “star” moved on to the next real star and started the whole process all over again. A friend pointed it out to me and we watched it for about 30 to 40 minutes. No military “explanation” for this one…lol.

    Yes, they exist. In fact, the Bible speaks of a “last days” delusion which will deceive the entire world (except for those who truly follow Christ) and this fallen angel, UFO ruse is probably part of it. I’ve also seen them, heard them, smelled them and been attacked by them. When they can no longer deceive you, fallen angels will kill you if they can. I’m only alive because Christ has kept me alive, for death has been close, more times now than I can remember. So if they reveal themselves at some point in the future, will YOU be deceived? Yes, for they have a power that is incomprehensible and utterly terrifying. The only way to not be compelled by them, is to have a power that is greater than theirs. And the only power greater than theirs is the power of Christ. The truth, WILL set you free.


  6. These beings are here and have been around long time before we were. Their abilities are far beyond ours at this time, we have been dumbed down. We are cattle to them. When your third eye is wide open, this all becomes clear. All our academic studies have been manipulated, our History, Archeology, Physics and Math are hidden or incomplete to maintain the narrative. ALL. There is much to be said on the topic of fluoride in our water, Chemtrails and the bombardment of different frequencies in the atmosphere. Our technology has evolved due to deals being made whilst our spiritual evolution has been kept as dormant as possible. The big picture is of a world that is being run by non human entities. The more people who do their research for themselves before they naively discredit those that are awake, the better. WE, the many, must wake up and see that the few in control need to be removed from the pyramid structure of control. Do the research……#Sphere being alliance #Childsextrafficking #Satanicritualabuse #Don’tmentionthereptilians #RichardBruce .#Pizzagate #Clintonfoundation #Pedestabrothers #Spiritcooking
    They mock us all the time whilst telling us what they are up to this is to get around Karma. Your ignorance is their free ticket. We are being controlled from another dimension, using our bodies as Avatars.


  7. Wow! New World Order I get, secret societies I get, UFOs I get but Reptilian aliens are pure fantasy and science fiction! I am also descended from the same families as the current British Royal Family, as was Princess Diana before she ever married into the family! Down from Mary Boleyn and Henry the VIII! We are not reptilians from outer space! The theory that we are all seeded from an alien race would be even more credible than that! I take the Genesis story for what it is! Literally the truth of God!


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