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NASA is lying to us – the Earth is actually flat


Everybody knows that Planet Earth is a sphere… right? Actually it’s really, really not, and NASA is lying to us all, according to the Flat Earth Society. So what’s the truth? Is the Earth really spherical, or are we all being deceived?

Wikipedia calls the Flat Earth Model an “archaic conception of the Earth’s shape as a plane or disk”. Ancient cultures believed the Earth was flat. In fact, an ancient culture became the first to reject the notion; Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras suggested the world was a sphere in the 6th century BC, and most other cultures had rejected the Flat Earth doctrine by the early centuries AD. (Strangely it took the Chinese until the 1600s to catch up.)

That’s how I remember learning about it at school too. That the Earth being flat was a very old, outmoded idea from the days when scientific understanding of anything was limited, an idea that nowadays everybody rejects.

Well, I was wrong, because not everybody does.

The Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society was set up in 1956 by Samuel Shenton in Dover, Britain. While the Space Race in the 60s eroded support for Shenton’s movement (as you’d expect, since the Apollo program was sending back pictures of a very spherical Earth), membership still managed to reach 3,500 in the 1970s. In the 90s the society declined, but was brought back to life as a website in 2004. In July 2014, the society had 500 members.

Alright, so that’s not many. Not many at all, really. Still, 500 people in this world believe that the other 7 billion of us are either lying or are blissfully deluded and believing the lies.

The question is – why?

Is there any evidence of a flat Earth?

Charles K. Johnson, who headed up the Flat Earth Society in the 70s after Samuel Shenton’s death, said that “if [the Earth] is a sphere, the surface of a large body of water must be curved.” He claimed to have checked the surfaces of Lake Tahoe and the Salton Sea and discovered no curvature.

This is what Flat Earthers imagine the world looks like from above
This is what Flat Earthers imagine the world looks like from above

However, the counterargument is that ships appear to sink when they sail into the horizon; a ship with a tall mast will disappear before the mast does – and this is due to the curvature of the Earth. Yes, a curvature is very difficult for us to see because of how large the surface of the Earth is, but it’s not impossible to see. A good pair of binoculars or a telescope should do it.

So that settles that, then. The Earth is curved, the horizon proves it. If the Earth was flat, we’d be able to see everything – there would be no horizon to obscure anything. Common sense, really.

Ships sinking behind the horizon
Ships sinking behind the horizon

Except that it’s not that simple, argue the Flat Earthers. Instead they contend that a ship appears to sink because of the “angular limits of perception”. It’s all to do with perspective. The distant ships intersect with a ‘vanishing point’, getting so close to the surface that they appear to merge with it, till they are lost to human perception altogether. Or something. The real clincher is that there are apparently lots of cases of partly sunken ships being ‘restored’ simply by looking through a telescope, showing that they haven’t sunk behind the horizon at all.

Most of the world regards this as nonsense. There’s no evidence that anybody’s ‘restored’ a ship partly or totally hidden by the horizon. If a ship really is just disappearing into a ‘vanishing point’ of human perception, then a telescope would always be able to bring it back, but it simply isn’t the case. Why? Because the Earth is spherical!

British Flat Earther Joseph Klimera recently attempted to demonstrate that the sinking effect is nothing but a trick of light and optics, rather than having anything to do with the curvature of the Earth. He did this with paper boats, a jug of water, a worksurface and a shaky camera that hilariously keeps dipping down lower than the worksurface while he says, “Look, the ship’s sinking!” Er – duh.

The anti-Flat Earth conspiracy

The big problem that Flat Earthers face (and probably the reason why there’s only about 500 of them) is all those pesky satellites and astronauts who keep telling us that the Earth is spherical. Well, you guessed it. Flat Earthers argue that NASA and all the other space agencies are part of a worldwide conspiracy to persuade us all that the Earth is a globe. That the photographs taken by satellites from space have been faked, that the Mars Exploration Rover Missions never happened, and that – of course – the Apollo moon landings were an elaborate hoax.

Are NASA's photos fake?
Are NASA’s photos fake?

The motive? The Flat Earth Society speculates on several possible motives. One is that NASA feigns all its space exploration efforts in order to make a tidy profit from the colossal budget given to it by the government. Another is that it is hoaxing space travel in order to make the US appear superior to the rest of the world. A third possible explanation is that NASA doesn’t actually know that the world is flat, because all its missions are faked, therefore no one’s travelled beyond the edge of the atmosphere to be able to tell.

This is all ludicrous conjecture. Believing in a moon landing hoax conspiracy means believing that hundreds of people are still maintaining the lie, and that not a single person has gotten loose-lipped over a pint. Believing that NASA and all the other space agencies have been faking everything they’ve ever done means believing that thousands if not millions of people are keeping a massive secret. It’s just not humanly possible.

More than that, the Flat Earthers haven’t got a shred of viable evidence for any conspiracy. So there.

And why have we never found the edge?

If the Earth is flat, surely we’d be able to find the edge and fall off it? Nope, say the Flat Earthers, because there is a giant ice wall that surrounds the Earth and prevents the oceans from spilling over the edge. They say this corresponds to the coastline of Antarctica for us ‘Ball Earthers’ – as they call us.

Ah huh.

Still, while it might all sound like madness, the Flat Earthers endure. Canadian Tennessee-based Flat Earther John Davis says he has been creating an “online information repository” to help bring together Flat Earthers into a “global community”.

He adds, “If you will forgive my use of the term, ‘global’.”

Next week: Did a munchkin commit suicide on the set of The Wizard of Oz?

Coming this Sunday: a news update about Million Eyes and the Million Eyes Short Stories


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81 thoughts on “NASA is lying to us – the Earth is actually flat”

  1. This is a fun one, isn’t it… What a ridiculous idea. I see why you would write a post showing how asinine such a concept obviously is.

    At least, I would have seen why, up until not very long ago. Until….

    For years I had of course heard of this idea of the moon landings being faked, and thought, how funny. Don’t people have anything better to do? Until one day I heard an interview with a guy named Bart Sibrel, after which I went and watched his documentary “A funny thing happened on the way to the moon”, which really floored me, and I was unable to stop asking questions after that. The more I dug, the more I began to see that all the “evidence” we all take for granted which allegedly prove the moon landings beyond a shadow of a doubt, is uh, pretty weak! Grainy images. Photoshopped “earth rise” photos. No stars in space. Flags flapping in a vacuum. Astronauts who trip and get pulled back up by wires. Rocks with letters on them. Diverging shadows on the moon. No moon dust on the lunar lander’s feet. It goes on and on and on… Remember that footage of the lunar lander, taking off from the moon’s surface, and THE CAMERA ACTUALLY PANS UPWARD, FOLLOWING IT…??? How did that work, remote control? not only that, but how did they manage to retrieve that footage?? (remember, all that had back then was actual FILM…) In the end, debunking the moon landings is a pretty solid deal. I don’t think it’s going to remain “common knowledge” for many more years actually. Polls have even shown that the majority of people outside of the United States don’t believe they were real, it’s only us proud flag-wavin ‘Mericans who can’t wrap our heads around such a gut-busting notion…

    Then you get to the ISS, and the anomalies keep on comin. Astronauts supposedly in low earth orbit, being suddenly thrown sideways (the exact same thing seen to occur inside of zero-G planes…) There are scores of shots on YT of space walks outside the ISS showing “bubbles”. Yes, bubbles, in space….(!?) Start poking around on that one, and you’ll start discovering a lot of bizarre and troubling things about that whole topic as well…

    But then of course, you mentioned the curvature of the Earth, and how we KNOW the Earth is round because we can measure the curvature. I always assumed this was correct as well. How could billions of people be wrong? Ships disappear over the horizon, hull first, right? That proves the curvature, doesn’t it? Well…. Is it ACTUALLY TRUE that the hulls of ships don’t reappear if looked through binoculars or a telescope…? cuz if they do, then maybe it IS just a function of perspective…

    Ship/horizon experiment in Rotterdam:

    Toronto skyline fully visible from over 30 miles away at Niagara Beach:

    Anyways… I see your site is dedicated mainly to your works of “conspiratorial fiction”. This is interesting. I have yet to look around and see if there are any other conspiracy theories in which you actually do believe to exist, or if you simply find it all to be a great source of inspirational content for you fiction writing. If you do believe that the government is capable of lying about things such as 9/11, or the JFK assassination, etc., (which most of the public still considers ridiculous as well) then it’s odd, and quite ironic, that you would resort to such argumentation in regards to anything that the government asserts is the undeniable Truth….

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled…” – Mark Twain

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    1. Thank you for that really in-depth comment! 🙂 You probably already read my article on the moon landings hoax claims, here’s a link if you haven’t.

      I should’ve put a link in the article, I’ll go back and do that. Some of your points I covered (and I tried to look at both sides, initially not knowing anything about the claims, just knowing that people talked about apparent ‘wind in space’ and weird shadows etc etc), but some of your points I haven’t covered. Maybe something for a future article…

      No, I wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy theorist. I do love reading about them, though, and as you say some of them have made good material for my fiction writing (as have a few famous unsolved mysteries that I’m ‘solving’ 🙂 ). That’s not to say I think the government and organisations don’t lie to us. There is plenty of evidence of that, and there’s plenty of evidence that governments have done pretty awful stuff that wasn’t initially public knowledge, but came out later. You might be interested to read one of my early articles which addresses this.

      There are certain events where I’m in two minds – the JFK assassination being one of them. I was pretty convinced after I watched the Oliver Stone movie. Jury’s still out on that one for me. I also have suspicions about Marilyn Monroe’s death, a cover-up surrounding Jimmy Savile and a few others. But when I look into other more outlandish conspiracy theories, I tend to find a lot of conjecture and drawing on coincidences. My background is as a lawyer, I practised criminal law for a few years, and studied the law of evidence for my degree – maybe that’s got something to do with it! I’m also a raging atheist. Basically, I need proof to believe in something. Not speculation, not coincidence, not abstract ‘weirdness’. That’s enough for suspicion, and that’s enough to ask questions. Nothing more.

      Anyway, thanks so much for such a detailed response. You’ve given me food for thought for future articles, and thank you for visiting my site.


  2. First I want to say that I appreciate the civility of the comments above mine between C.R. Berry and Daring to look… It seems that most discussions on the internet quickly devolve into a food fight for some strange reason.

    I fully believe that we live on a spherical earth, and that man has visited the moon, etc. But I do enjoy a bit of conspiracy theory too. There is something really interesting about exploring “what if” scenarios.

    When I first stumbled upon flat earth theory on YouTube I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Out of curiosity and thinking that this might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of, I watched a video. About 15 or 20 min into it I had an oh my gosh moment and it prompted me to watch a few more videos on the subject.

    There are a couple of concepts in the theory that are mind blowing. And bear in mind that I’m coming at this as a firm believer that I’m living on a ball not a platter. The first is the physical science behind an airplane in level flight. If you fly even in a small plane, level off at say 1000ft AGL and fly for several hours your altitude AGL should increase substantially on the sphere that we live on. If you flew in a bigger plane internationally across the ocean for 10 hrs or so in level flight you would be in the stratosphere. And oddly enough if you google that concept you really cannot find a logical scientific answer as to why that doesn’t happen. This is something that one would think would have a well known physics explanation specific to that question. What you typically get are two theories (provided in every account that I have seen by amateurs): (1) Continual pilot adjustment, (2) Gravity.

    I’m not a pilot, however, years ago I had 20 some hours of instructed flight time, 6 hrs. of solo time, read a couple of aviation ground school books, and passed a college ground school course. All of which makes me nothing more than a rank amateur concerning aviation. But I can say that I do not recall ever having read any text or having instruction on the need to periodically adjust the altitude of the plane downward over time. And this would be a significant topic of discussion in ground school because when flying small trainer planes like 152’s or 172’s without oxygen you could be in real trouble if the earth unknowingly dropped away below you and left you above 10,000 ft.

    In addition I do not recall discussions or training on the idea that gravity curves the trajectory of a plane in level flight, providing just enough downward force to keep the plane from rising above the ground but not enough to force the plane closer to the ground (I do recall a lot of discussion concerning gravity if an engine fails, or if you aren’t paying attention to fuel levels, carburetor ice, etc).

    It has been a long while since I have had any association with private flying, so it’s possible that I have simply forgotten training related to either of the theories that I have seen online. But I am really curious as to how it does work on a spherical earth.

    The other flat earth concept that I found mind blowing are the routes taken by international flights from say Australia to the U.S. On a sphere many flight connections seem odd and out of the way. But look at a flat earth map and they make perfect sense.

    Once again there could certainly be and probably are logical explanations for are routes but it is really rather shocking when you see them on a flat earth map.

    Interesting stuff I think. I’d really like to know the scientific answer to the level flight quandary.


    1. Hey! These are arguments I didn’t come across when I researched for this article, but you’re right, there are some intriguing questions here. As you say, I’m sure a logical scientific explanation exists (even though you didn’t manage to find it), and like you, I say that because there’s no way I can logically accept a flat Earth with so much evidence and common sense to the contrary.

      Thanks for your comment!


      1. So much evidence… seriously. OMG you need to open your eyes you poor dear lost soul.


    2. Hey Steve, we don’t live on a spherical earth, infrared and thermal imaging prove it. You can prove it to yourself by simply getting a hold of one of those devices capable of only spotting devices 3 miles away. 3 miles away on a curved surface would imply the object is 15ft below eye level and out of site of the thermal imaging device.

      Infrared and thermal imaging are line of sight only, they don’t bend, curve, invert, or subject to refraction. Using these devices on earth on an object anymore than 2 miles away proves it’s flat. Navy uses it to spot ships hundreds of miles away over the water. I’ve used it to see an island 110 miles away.

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      1. Yes you are correct. We live on a flat earth, we fall off the edge if we go past the ice barriers that are holding us in. Also don’t forget the moon and sun also flat as well.


    3. The flat earth model has the same complications, if not more. A “straight line” while flying over a sphere needs constant downward adjustments. But a “straight line” travelling east on the flat earth needs constant adjustments to the left.

      What if the speed necessary to keep a plane at a constant altitude is simply greater for a flat surface than a for curved surface? Suppose that you haven’t actually achieved enough lift to go straight, but you are falling just as fast as the earth is curving.

      If a pilot were to try flying around the world but the earth was flat, following his compass would lead his in a circle with the north pole a the center. The time it takes should be directly correlated to how far south you are. For example, as airplane would need to travel twice as far to “circle” the earth at -45 degrees latitude than at +45 degrees latitude. Sounds like an easy test.

      If a pilot tries to fly around the the world but the earth is flat, flying in an actual “straight line” would mean that he always starts going south. Auto pilot would fix this, but auto pilot also wouldn’t follow an actual straight line.


  3. Just so everyone knows the Flat Earth Society is basically a group set up to give poor explanations and theories regarding the flat earth question. Don’t listen to this fool. He is shooting down the completely inexplicable questions presented by flat earther’s (or whatever you want to call them) as if common sense to the contrary can explain them. The problem is that his common sense has been developed by lies that he fails to recognize. Anyways, my main point is about the “Flat Earth Society” is that they are literally set up to take credit away from the legitimate researchers.

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  4. I WILL put it this way. If you are going to prove it don’t half ass it. Do it all. People need to see it no examples no renditions of some jackass. real shit!!! The edge too. The whole damn thing not one part then fill in the blanks . the whole thing. If your not willing to do you that don’t even waste your time.


    1. You want proof Zero? Here you go:

      Reflections. On a curved surface, reflections will always be distorted. Explain to everyone here, how on that plain that is 11,000km provides absolutely no distorted reflections.

      There is only 1 proof you really need, thermal imaging, that proves it’s flat.


  5. Ok ill make it simple, If the earth was flat how did Christopher Columbus sail arround the WHOLE world, If the earth was flat we would not have the day/night cycle it would stay either day or night and if it was flat it would make us and china have the same time spand making it day here and day there and night here and night there. Simple use youre heads people!


    1. Hey Keith,
      I made those EXACT claims when I first started looking into the whole “flat earth” theory. However when you look at an actual flat earth map (like the flag of the UN – also think of a CD disk), when you sail “around” the world, you are simply sailing around in a circle either clockwise or counter clockwise. Magnetic North points to the center of the circle (just like a circular magnet) while the south pole is all around the edge of the circle (or the outside of the CD disk if you will). Also the sun is much smaller and closer then they would have you believe, which is proven by sunlight rays through clouds NOT in parallel (which can only occur when an object that is breaking up the light rays is very close to the light source). Thus when its daytime in America, the sun is traveling in the sky overhead and the distance is too far for the light to reach the other side of the circle including China(the vanishing point in the horizon comes into play AGAIN). Take a flashlight to a football stadium, stand in the middle at midnight with all the lights turned off, turn flashlight on, raise over your head, point it at your feet, and see if that said flashlight will illuminate the end zone of either side. Hence light wavelengths are not endless and are proportional to the size of the light source. The best representation of how the sun and moon travel/illuminate the areas underneath, is the ying-yang symbol. Have a Great Day!


    2. Ok. Here’s the thing. God made the waters and the earth he made the sun the moon the stars he made the heavens and he made us .. we do not have am imperfect God. That’s what they want you to think
      Going north is always going to take you in a circle we are surrounded by a wall of ice. There is no south pole. The sun and moon move above us. They dip below the horizon making it appear to set. Alaska has a season of daylight and a season of night. Look into things .


  6. I think most accredited professionals would laughingly pass a theory like this off. Since I’m not one, I’ll give it a shot. The coriolis effect. Why do hurricanes spin ccw north of the equator and cw south of the equator? Why do they migrate towards the north they form in the North hemisphere and south when they form in the south hemisphere?
    The level plane flying is pretty straight forward. The altimeter uses pressure to determine altitude. The closer to sea level the higher the pressure-flat or round earth (assuming of course there is a 100km tall wall around the circumference of the flat earth to contain all the water and atmosphere). The level flying aircraft will seek a altitude/pressure and stay pretty close to that setting whether flying above flat or curved earth, there are many ways to maintain altitude electronically as well. Using a bubble level line however is perpendicular or normal to the radius extending from the center of a spherical earth. No matter where you set a buble level the level line will be tangent to the sphere at that point. The pilot though, will set the elevators for level flight and the plane will float at that level finding the balance of speed, elevators, weight of the plane and the density of the air. The plane would not follow the tangent line without pilot intervention because the air density for that altitude follows the curvature of the earth (or the flat earth) and stays fairly consistant. So in my humble opinion using trigonometry and aeronautics is a moot argument. I bet there are some real pilots that can point out the shortcomings of my explanation.


    1. Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones etc.. prove the earth is flat. These form, intensify and follow the plain or path of the sun circulating the globe.

      The sun circles over head and bounces between the tropics, you can find how it’s done here:

      Watch where the sun is on the planet at each time of the year. As the sun circles overhead it crease an area of low pressure, hurricanes form off this and intensify and also follow their path. You know this by some simple experiments on earth. Grab yourself a large bowl and fill it with water, now run a spoon through it. You’ll see vortexes form on either side of the wake. These vortexes spin in opposing directions and they also arc or curve towards the wake line. If you proceed to push the spoon around in circles around the bowl, you will clearly see these vortexes in the water follow the path and die off exactly how hurricanes behave here on earth.

      As the sun circles the earth from east to west, think about it from the southern hemisphere. The sun is circling down towards Australia, any storms or tropical depressions in the area become attracted to the sun, the winds get pulled towards the sun as it approaches, this pulls the winds in a clockwise direction (or to the right). Hurricanes spin clockwise in the southern hemisphere do they not? As the sun continues its circle and approaches north, any storms in this area get tugged by the sun approaching from the left, hence the winds get pulled counter clockwise, and again, dont hurricanes in the northern hemisphere rotate counter clockwise?? Hmm obviously something to this.

      Their pathing? If the hurricane crosses the plain of the suns travel it will drag the hurricane with it in a curved pattern. That’s why you see hurricanes in the north curve from left to right going up, and in the south from right to left going down.

      Why do some hurricanes keep all their power while others die off when they hit land? Again, it depends on where the sun is as it hits land. If the hurricane (like Katrina) is suspended in the area for a number of days due to the suns pathing, it gains intensity. It gains and loses intensity as the sun approaches and leaves. That is EXACTLY why you see hurricane warnings and winds die down at night. You can look on any hurricane timestamp history and see the warnings always vanish at night. This is because the sun is gone, the winds are surviving on momentum only.

      Because of this, you can obviously predict both the path of the hurricane and intensity when it hits land, and the path it takes once it’s over land all simply by knowing where the sun is in the sky. That video above helps.

      You can easily test this out for yourself, just go pull up hurricane Katrina. Look at her path, look at her intensity timestamp, and watch that 4 season flat earth video. It becomes crystal clear why Katrina behaved the way she did. Before Katrina, I actually predicted it’s path, intensity, and time stamp each day and where it would end up over the course of the 8 days in it’s existence, all due to knowing where the sun is.


  7. I feel so sorry for anyone that still believes that any government has landed on the moon. Did you know there is a mini remote controlled Tonka truck on Mars? There is not. Did you know China landed on the moon a few years ago? Did you know their footage was filmed underwater and you can actually see air bubbles rising to the surface in the background! Go check it out on that you tube website we love so much, you know, one of the few places we can find actual, truthful news and documentaries.

    Do an internet search with specific questions like, “Is the theory of gravity wrong.” You might be very surprised by what you find. Math equations created out of thin air where numbers don’t add up, in fact, were simply made up.

    There is a man named Hawking out there who is a “Godly” man to many. He is so much smarter than you, that you must put him on a pedestal and bow down to every word his computer voice tells you. Let’s just use a little simple common sense here for a minute. How long do people usually live with ALS? How could a drooling shell of a man in a chair come up with all the things he supposedly does? I would think that a man in his profession would need chalkboards, calculators, protractors, compasses, rulers, and so much more to work out these problems and equations? Oh well, I forgot, I’m dumber than a bag of rocks, “How dare I question anything!” Mr. Hawking figured out many moons ago that the Earth is a fixed, flat land mass. He was going to go public with the information and then, you figure it out. “They” love to control us in sick and twisted ways. I wish Mr. Hawking would just be left alone in peace.

    How come NO ONE has EVER traveled south under the world and come up north? The trips around (not really) the world are ALWAYS west to east and east to west. Why does the United Nations hide Antarctica so much? The “icy” edges of the world are highly guarded by saps who think they are guarding wildlife and international waters. “I don’t believe you!” Oh? Go ahead and try to make a cold journey out there, you WILL be turned around.

    I do not know the complete shape of the place we call Earth, especially the underside. I do know that I live on a flat, fixed plain of sorts where I believe that the “firmament” is the Van Allen Belts. UFO’s and aliens as we know them are all a big hoax. “They” wanted to pull some “Project Blue Beam” type garbage. That has long been exposed. Do some research on HARRP and CERN for some real fun!

    The Native Americans KNEW we lived on a flat disk, and you discredit them why? Because they didn’t have complex math equations? Knowing complicated math equations does not make one smart. Knowing to use your brain to think for yourself, makes you smart! You have had a complete brainwashing your whole lives as to one side. Go use the internet to research the other sides! If you still believe that a dumb, fictional dinosaur called “Tyrannosaurus Rex” roamed the planet at one point, I again, feel very, very sorry for you. 75% of everything you know about World War 2 is wrong.

    “Question nothing at all and you are exactly what “they” want you to be. Question everything and you are exactly what Sombrero wants you to be!”

    Good day to yous!


    1. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you’re a PROPER full-on conspiracy theorist! Distrusting everything around you, it would seem. Can you explain a bit more about what you mean about Stephen Hawking?! I’m not sure I quite got what you were saying there….


      1. Stephen Hawking is actually a controlled Puppet, so you can plant me on that conspiracy theorist list too :P.

        Just google or youtube Stephen hawking conspiracy. It makes a lot more sense than his condition that somehow just fell upon him.


    1. I read your article – very interesting. While I’m not a Flat Earther by any means, I was intrigued by what you said about what the powers that be might be hiding beyond Antarctica – might be good material for a story one day! Thanks for commenting and following! 🙂


  8. Just sayin..interesting the photo of earth you chose has multiple copy & paste clouds. Any exact repeated patterns are not natural. Better look again


  9. Why?? To WHAT end?? People who are still unashamedly clinging to the “fact” that the entire world is lying about the shape of the world, I have to ask: But WHY. To accomplish what? Why go to all this endless trouble throughout the decades of lies and co-conspirators to convince us of the earth’s shape?? They can just as easily get money for programs exploring outside a disc shaped world… so WHY?? I want to know, from a flat-earth person… to what end? Why? It has to be a reason good enough to compell this many people to agree to cover up. So, why? What does it accomplish?


    1. To hide the truth my dear . The ultimate truth. That God exists .. satan wants to get as many souls as he can. Jesus is our lord and savior and once the world realizes all of the lies… well hopefully then we can stop funding nasa. Bunch of nonsense that they are. I could go on for days


      1. One of those lies that has deceived billions is that The Messiah is named jesus, the name jesus is English, it is less then 600 years old, in fact, the letter J is also less then 600 years old, there were NO J’s in Hebrew, Greek or Latin. The Messiah was Hebrew and lived over 2000 years ago, HIS name was YAHUSHA, Our Creator is YAHUAH…notice how the SON has HIS FATHERS name in it, Yahusha’s name in Hebrew means YAHUAH IS SALVATION/DELIVERANCE. Almost EVERYTHING IS A LIE! from the fake Jews that are really Khazars from Georgia 80 miles north of Jerusalem, to the name of OUR SAVIOR, to the name of our creator, which is not the pagan titles like god and lord, they were titles for Ba’al. The list goes on and on, REPENT! seek the truth, call HIM by HIS name, no other name will SAVE you! Shalum!


  10. NASA is lying about the earth, and not as many people are involved as some seem to think. Even all the people at NASA don’t have to know, it’s called compartmentalization. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

    You know how does all of NASA’s earth photos? It’s Robert Simmons found here:

    He says right in the blog how all the pictures are done. They are done based on what OTHERS tell him to do. They are based off data, aka they are all composities. None of the pictures are authentic. There is no 2 ways about this, all the pictures are fake, he tells you that right in the blog.

    Now how do we know the world is flat? 2 easy reasons. For one, infrared and thermal imaging. Both work off line of sight only. It doesn’t bend, curve, invert, or subject to refraction. That means an object over a distance that SHOULD be below the horizon level shouldn’t be picked up by infrared or thermal imaging when the world is round. For example, an island 100 miles over the water should technically be about 10,000ft below eye level (or 3km). If you point an infrared or thermal imaging device at that and pick up heat signatures, the world is FLAT and you cannot argue against it. And yes, you will pick up thermal hits. I’ve done it, the Navy does it because that is one of the methods they use to spot ships hundreds of miles over the water.

    You don’t even need to be that far away, go get a device from military surplus store capable of seeing 3 miles away because at 3 miles, it would be 15ft below eye level. Again, thermal imaging shouldn’t pick anything up, but alas it will. The world is flat, and that is that.

    Your second clue, reflections. Everyone of us has looked into a curved mirror, and NOBODY will argue when we look in this mirror our reflections are distorted. It doesn’t matter how much or little it’s curved, your reflection will be distorted. So, is there a place on earth where we can find a giant reflective mirror?

    Well golly gosh there is, the Bolivia Salt Flats, aka, Salar De Uyuni. This area is nearly 4km above sea level (higher than Mt Fuji), and it’s 11,000+sq kilometers. In some areas, it’s 490 miles from 1 side to another. When rain water collects on that surface, it remains still, and what you have now, is a giant, and I mean a giant mirror.

    So now that we’ve found our giant mirror, lets go prove to ourselves the real shape of our world shall we? Look:

    or just google “Bolivia salt flat reflections” first pics you’ll see clearly show carbon copy mirror image reflections, completely impossible on a globe. Because on NASA’s globe, these salt flats would have to curve over 3km. Now imagine what those reflections look like in a 3km curved mirror…

    Ya… the world is flat, you can’t argue it. Checkmate, you lose.

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    1. Hi Amanda!

      Thank you for your very in-depth comments and replies to others’ comments.

      The thing is, while I don’t think I’m clever enough to get into all the science of it all, what I do know is the vast majority of the world’s best scientists are telling us that the world is a sphere. So are you saying that they’re all in on the conspiracy?

      Also, I have an interesting question for all Flat Earthers. If the world is flat, what is your theory of the universe? Presumably you think that all planets in our solar system/galaxy/universe are flat? So is the universe just filled with lots of flat, floating plates instead of spheres? Do you think these flat planets orbit their stars in the same way?


      1. Ok, so I don’t know if anyone answered your “what about the other planets” question or not, so I’m going to give you my answer. I think that the “other planets” don’t even exsist. They’re stars. The first time the word “planets” was used was in the 13th century. If the other planets exsist then why was it not used before? Were they only discovered then? Was the earth the only planet until then? Also some guy predicted the discovery of Pluto, the exact location and everything! How did he do that? I think it was all planned out, I don’t know who “discovered” Pluto but I bet you it wasn’t some random guy with a telescope sitting on the roof one fine evening. Unless it was, but he was actually secretly working with NASA, because them “discovering” it was just to dangerous because then people might start running around claiming that Pluto doesn’t actually exsist because the Earth is flat, NASAs lying and all the pictures are fake so they needed a nice guy with an astronomy hobby to “discover” it. The Bible, you know that book that every Christian flocks to for answers, has absolutely NOT ONE mention of planets, there’s one in the KJV but if you check other versions it will say constellations, which I believe is the correct version. Genesis has no mention of the planets being created. The moon is a lesser light than the sun, and is not actually a reflection of the sun. I only found out about the Flat Earth Theory yesterday, and I’m already convinced. Call me crazy but it makes a heck of a lot more sense then a globe. The airlines, the radar, the “mirage” of Chicago across Lake Michigan it all adds up. Plus pretty much every picture of earth from space that you’ll find looks almost exactly alike. Yeah they’re on different parts of earth but they’re the same. Also the entire earth is supposed to somehow fit together like a giant puzzle, which is pretty impossible on a globe if you ask me. If it’s not supposed to go together, then why does it looks like it should? I’d mention that the Bible says that the Earth is ROUND, but does not mention anything about it being spherical, but you’re an atheist so you wouldn’t take it as law, because according to atheists, the Bible is a lie, God doesn’t exsist, the earth has been here for hundreds of millions of years, and we evolved from monkeys. But think about this! If the Bible is a lie, then WHY hasn’t anyone managed to completely put a stop to Christianity? The Romans certainly tried… along with many others, but none succeeded. WHY? and if the earth is round then why the heck is Antarctica so mysterious and shrouded in darkness… like seriously, nobody who’s nobody know ANYTHING about it. Honestly… it’s like a modern day Mordor with out evil eyes and volcanoes and orcs… if it’s not a ice wall or something then why is it so secretive? Do all the mythical lands exist out there in the middle of it and they want to be kept secret and safe? Or are there dinosaurs? Or aliens? WHAT IS IT? OK, I’ve rambled on long enough and I’m not making any sense at all. If you read this far then congratulations. You’ve become one of many to witness one of my rants. Thank you, goodbye.


  11. I’m not really sold yet, but the Flat Earth theory movement does make some intriguing arguments. For example, if an east bound jet travels at 600 mph (approx. speed of a Boeing 777) and the earth is spinning at 1000 mph, it could never meet it’s destination. In fact it would lose ground. Conversely, the most efficient mode of travel would be by balloon, at least in the east/west direction. A balloon would merely need to leave ground and let the earth spin by it at 1000 mph and set down at the desired destination.


  12. I find it funny that nobody gives a really good reason for this conspiracy. A good, well thought off reason, that makes sense fiscally, which is the premise of this conspiracy. NASA’s budget? “Flat Earthers” think this conspiracy is worth it for a few billion (not trillion) dollars? I do not see how that is a good return on investment. There are many, easier ways of generating that kind of “profit”.

    The whole flat earth theory is very interesting to me. People who believe in the theory, believe countries like USA, China, Russia, and others, have teamed up together and are all contributing to this theory without a real hick-up. USA, China, Russia working in perfect harmony, for so long. If you ever leave the house, you will know that is not possible; the same way Earth peace is not possible, it is not in our nature to live in perfect harmony; we are a destructive species, and also, perfection, like this conspiracy, does not exist, not known by so many “compartmentalized” entities.

    “Flat Earthers” should leave science behind, since it is not their forte; researching “things off the internet” does not make them right, just “compartmentally” informed. The foundation for the theory should be the reasoning behind it, not some bits of “questionable” evidence. Think about a murder case (not accidental manslaughter). A murder case against someone, without a motive or a good reason, is a weak case, like this theory.


    1. A very valid point and a question that has been in my mind too. It is certainly a mystery as to why “they” are doing this, and as of now we can only speculate helplessly. It is something which we will understand only when we figure everything out about the true model and learn the truth about exactly what all things “they” are hiding, and then it will be obvious why they hid it.

      Alex, you had everything going for you except your last paragraph.
      Flat Earthers certainly do science, much more science than indoctrinated science graduates who just learn what they are presented ASSUMING someone somewhere must have done it, someone somewhere has the proof, and everyone accepts it, so no need to dig into it and just accept the theory without critical analysis.
      You call people “researching things off the internet”, but those are not the flat earthers. The creators of the videos with all the footage and details of the results of the experiments and data that they have collected are the flat earthers. The watchers are just students being introduced to the concept who later on experiment and start collecting their own data and doing analysis and then making their own videos based on what conclusions they have arrived at. That is how the movement has spread, and is growing. People are doing serious stuff, I have seen a group who crowdfunded to make their own balloon to take footage from really high altitudes.

      PS: Real flat earth researchers who do science focus on the the experiments done, data collected, conclusions arrived at, theories presented regarding the MODEL. They don’t waste time pondering on these things as to how big the conspiracy is or why they are doing it. They focus on the science part of it, that is the discussion of the possible TRUE MODEL.


  13. ok look this is very idiotic the earth is not flat if it is please explain how the seasons change? when the north part of the world is cold the bottom part of the world is warm. if the earth is flat why is there holes in the earth that go 10 miles down? if our world was flat then there would be no molten lava because that heat which causes lava is found in the center of the earth because there is no where else for that heat to go if our world was flat then there would be no global warming how do you think the atmosphere works you think you can just go to the end of the earth and walk off into space? dude I have been on the ocean I am in the navy is the earth was flat I would be able to see Russia standing on the empire state building. your arguments are completely invalid maybe since you want to prove everyone wrong so bad maybe you should go out into space and take pictures for us.


  14. Ok darling. Here’s the thing. The earth is flat. I understand it’s hard for you to come to the realization that the government lies manipulates and deceives us. Satan twists everything to keep us from having faith and finding following and believing in Jesus. Gravity is fake. We are not spinning rapidly around the sun. Planes do not account for the curvature nor can nor will you ever see a curve. Your vision brings everything to a central point . You learn this in elementary art class. You never see the other side of the moon. We have never landed on the moon. And the sun and moon are the same size. But of course you would believe the sun is soooooo huge… but yet we are soooo much smaller and that we are justttt the right distance away for the sun and moon to apear the same size. … righttt.. no. Open your eyes to what is right in front of you. And then watch how there are signs all over media .. they film them floating around on a pool. Google space bubbles. The astronauts lie and won’t put their hands on the bible. They some how manage to not feel even a tiny bit jet lagged and manage to catch the earth while we are spinning to come in for a landing . Psh. Ok… and of course the law of physics would apply to everything on the earth… except for the earth? Tell me.. you put a cup of water on a ball with craters then spin it.. the ball will not have water on it. But the earth is different right.. sure. Ugh I could go on for days
    But I’m bored of you. Try thinking for yourself for a change.


    1. Poor God. This satan fellow for a second seems even more powerful than the one that created him, with all his “Scheeming” and “planning” and whatnot to get as many “humans” as possible. Is it that the more humans they get, the more fuel they can produce down there? Or does satan need more slaves for his sex games? Tell me, if a million people die and go to hell, will satan be happier and god a little less happy? Wait, why is god letting this happen in the first place? Is it like, a video game? Can I win it if I just killed myself and then slit satan’s throat? I think the real hoax here is not the earth’s shape, it’s stupid people believing stupid fairy tales.


  15. Have any of you heard the “inner earth” theory. I e read and heard speculations that there are holes in the top and bottom of our planet. That’s why flights are so heavily restricted in those areas.

    I really enjoyed the read.


  16. Im soooooooooooo confused. If they can explain what’s on the other side of the flat earth and also how come a part of the earth is night and the other part is day while the earth is flat and thus sunlight has to either shine over all the earth or leave it all dark simultaneously, then i’ll fall for the flat earthers belief.


  17. I find it interesting that people just gleefully live their lives without at all being curious to how things are running inside of their own governments. We have grown to be so gullible that it’s beyond me to even attempt to explain what is really going on without a sudden image of someone sitting in a chair busting out laughing. I even chuckle myself when trying to explain this to anyone. Of course I don’t know the full extent of which we have been deceived nor do I hold any certifications or degrees in the fields required to be known as a professional. But before I write off any conspiracy theory (yes any) I first look at the world I live in today.

    I’m not 60,50, or even close to 40. Your listening to a 25yr old born in the 90’s after all the lies had been concocted and indoctrinated into the heads of billions more than 50 years prior. With my own two eyes I can see that there are people in this world with clear (they aren’t hiding it anymore) agendas for mass control. Although one could argue that the bible, which I happen to have full faith in, has been a part of the manipulation, its true purpose remains clear. Satan/Evil was put on this planet to test our faith. We must choose to believe in the word of GOD and believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. He gave Satan this world in order to test our faith which is indeed tested each and every day. So how can we possibly read the news and just believe everything they say without first knowing that the media outlets are ran by the same 1% that owns the music industry and prison complexes. Shocking but true. This type of manipulation should prove that’s something just isn’t right with this world. Think about it long and hard. Prisons are funded by music and media outlets. Prisons need people in them in order for them to continue their operations. Put two and two together and you might be able to see where I’m coming from.

    It’s amazing how one can write off the bible as being a work of fiction but yet without a doubt believe in each and everything that NASA presents to us like they have to be telling the truth. Well I’ll say this, being so young I sure am proud I’m not so numb to my surroundings. I questioned things all my life that just don’t make sense. I even questioned the bible in its entirety! Don’t get me wrong I’ve always believed that there is a GOD, but beyond the fact that there is a GOD I found it extremely hard to believe in the “fairytales” (as someone commented earlier) that the bible says existed. That was until I did my own research on the lies being told to us every single day. I was already “awoke” but now I’m awoke and actively being more curious than ever before. I’ve had my faith tested time and time again and now there is almost 90% proof that the bible is real my friends. I say 90% simply because that 10% we are missing out on happens to be the proof we need to unearth that the world isn’t a great ball of mass.

    What if NASA’s true purpose was to hide the fact that everything in the bible is indeed as real as the water we drink. There are multiple accounts as well as experiments that debunk all that NASA has said and done. There are no other planets, galaxies, or even asteroids out there. I mean how could there be if we’ve never been to space. HUH–how? One word “firmament.” You type that in google and you will be amazed at how this not only relates in biblical proportions but also to the life we all live today. Why is the sky blue guys? Please go right ahead and search for any logical reasoning behind why its blue. I’m sure you’ll find an explanation that resembles “the sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light.” Seems logical even when coming from NASA. But I’m just curious, does the bible at all reference why the sky is blue? It does indeed! The Word tells us the sky is blue because we all live under a “firmament” which is surrounded by, you guessed it, WATER!! But I digress. If you’ve done like I asked and googled “Firmament” your mind should be blown. There is a scripture in the bible tied to every unimaginable thing in the so called “Flat Earth Theory.”

    Now I’ve accepted the fact that there are some of us who just want to live their lives as if there wasn’t anything going on behind the scenes and if you are one of those you SERIOUSLY need to wake up and come to terms that life isn’t all it seems to be. Some of us don’t want to even hear the truth due to the belief that is has nothing to do with their life in any way. If this is you then I strongly advise you reconsider. God has instilled everyone with free will as a test of faith. We are being deceived simply because we aren’t asking enough questions. They feed us entertainment over and over again with hopes that it’ll consume enough so the masses won’t have educated people to combat the system. You have the right to question what’s being presented to you in every way. Never just believe in something because the masses do. We have all been deceived on a massive level. Whether the Western names of the Jesus or GOD have been manipulated or not I haven’t heard of a religion yet that doesn’t speak of a greater evil or deceiver. And please don’t think I’m trying to convince you to turn a new leaf and believe in the bible. The bible has a purpose far greater than any man could create. So no, my purpose isn’t to convince but to make you without a doubt curious.

    Isn’t it weird that our nation was founded on the grounds of biblical beliefs that are all of a sudden being thrown out the door? What was the purpose in the first place? Why get rid of something GOOD? Does that not make you the least bit curious? Why are we so trusting? No one is asking why the sudden shift to a New World Order—oops! I mean Global Peace…hehehe. It’s simply outstanding the level of ignorance in today’s society. Someone please answer why are we so trusting. I need to know. We believe in space and dinosaurs simply because it looks real so it must be real. Most of our moral codes have been thrown away in exchange for wealth. America is more a business than a country folks. Everything is done for the love of money. Every single aspect of your life revolves around the dollar bill. But yet there are few my age that know the true history of the dollar bill and what its ostensible purpose was. The same goes for credit and our impulse buys. People they do research on humans daily to determine behavior patterns. This isn’t old news! I just want to know why most aren’t out questioning these things but yet will try their hardest to destroy, humiliate, and even try to hurt one who believes in the GOOD book. Makes entirely no sense whatsoever…

    In my honest opinion we as humans have one thing in common, we are extremely curious. From the moment we were babies to even now regardless of if your old or young. Curiosity is the single most humanistic trait. Tell me I’m wrong! I’ve read every comment on this site as well as the entire article which I would like to thank you C.R. Berry for writing because it’s become the gateway to curiosity yet again. I truly hope everyone who visits this site does so out of plain ole curiosity. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Just be more curious folks and no not curious as in “Next week on… Will Anne be ok? Will LeBron join the Knicks in 2017(he will)? Find out in the next episode of…No guys we all need to wake up and share this information. The craziest part about the flat earth theory, NASA lying, etc. is that it all come directly back to the bible. It’s almost impossible to debunk those beliefs without it coming back full circle to biblical references. Go ahead and try to dig as deep as you can without being turned to the bible.

    So no, my point isn’t to persuade anyone or anything but rather to get people to use their GOD given ability to think and be curious. If you have been deceived now and don’t realize it then you’ll definitely be deceived when the master manipulator actually reveals himself. This is not a movie or game. This type of trickery should hurt and cut deep regardless of if your religious or not. We should all be pissed off that the entire world is tricking the population in order to continue their own demonic agendas. It sounds outrageous, all of it does. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research I’m sure even the C.R. Berry would say the same.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time out of your day to just be curious, that’s all God wants and honestly all I can ask from anyone. If you guys have any rebuttals, please share them. Let’s not get offensive but let us speak to each other constructively rather than destructively.

    You guys all enjoy the rest of your day!! I love you all regardless of what you believe!!


    1. Hi Robert

      Thank you so much for such an in-depth, thoughtful and well-written comment. I happen to disagree with all of it but I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a comment on my site.

      One of the main reasons I disagree with you it is the fact that I am an atheist and you base a lot of your argument on the Bible being real. I’m interested to know what this 90% proof that the Bible is real is. Most of the Bible reflects the time which it came from, which is why homosexuality is considered bad, women are subordinate to men and adulterers are stoned to death – along with plenty of other practices and beliefs we abandoned long ago because our culture has grown and developed. So how is it you can say that the Bible is good?

      Anyway, I digress. I simply cannot accept that everything NASA tells us is a lie. It’s too big an undertaking and what NASA tells us and scientists tell us and our own perceptions tell us are much, MUCH more likely to be true than a 2000 year old book of highly questionable historical veracity.


      1. Thanks for replying back C.R. Berry. But I have to ask, is there reasoning behind your belief as an atheist? Im just curious. You don’t have to go into great detail since this has nothing to do with your article. But a little info would help me understand your beliefs.

        Also did you happen to look up the word “Firmament”?


      2. Hi Robert

        I don’t have time to go into too much detail here, but the long and the short of my reasoning is that, to me, God is an out-of-date idea. An easy answer to all our hardest questions that humans invented at a time when scientific understanding of the universe was limited. We’re incapable of understanding infinity, the idea that the universe is infinite and has always existed (even I can’t get my head around it), but to say “God did it” is way too easy.

        However, the main thing for me is that there simply isn’t a shred of evidence for his existence. I think having faith in something there’s no evidence for is illogical. People argue, well you can’t prove that he DOESN’T exist and indeed, no I can’t. But on that logic, I could decide tomorrow that I believe a magical, invisible pink unicorn lives in the sky and controls the weather, and when you tell me that’s nonsense, I could say, well prove it doesn’t exist. That, to me, is silly. And to me, the idea of God is just as silly.

        Here’s a quote said by Jodie Foster in the movie “Contact”. Sums up my views nicely:

        “What’s more likely? That an all-powerful, mysterious God created the Universe, and decided not to give any proof of his existence? Or, that he simply doesn’t exist at all, and that we created him, so that we wouldn’t have to feel so small and alone?”


      3. Interesting..

        Although there are multiple accounts/evidence that there is a divine creator, I suggest you do more research on the bible than just simply writing it off as a work of fiction. Everything portrayed in the bible(Old Testament and New) has a purpose. God wants us to choose him. If he directly showed himself to everyone we would be a fool not to believe. He reveals himself in his word and his spirit working in our lives. He leaves evidence through his creation of his existence. The earth has the signature of God written upon it. You know that he exists yet you still need faith to fully believe.

        Although I do suggest you learn more about the bible before you write it off, I do understand the topic at hand isn’t a religious one and I didn’t intend to get off topic. I only comeback with a biblical response because the world we live in today directly correlates to what is being told in the New Testament. If you still don’t believe me, like I said previously, do your own research my friend. Be curious.

        I’m actually still waiting on you to tell me what you’ve found out about the word “Firmament” lol

        Interesting conversation none the least!!


      4. I did look up the word “firmament” but what I found described it as an idea from biblical cosmology, that there’s a vast dome-like structure above the atmosphere.

        There’s no point looking at biblical cosmology for answers about the world and the universe. The Bible was written by people who didn’t understand the universe, and had very limited scientific understanding compared to today. We need to listen to what modern scientists tell us about the world. No, they don’t have all the answers, but they have a lot more than anybody had over 2000 years ago.

        And telling me that there is evidence for God in his “word” and his “spirit working in our lives” is meaningless to me. That isn’t evidence. Do you have real, tangible, objective evidence for God’s existence? No, of course you don’t. Nobody does. That’s why it’s called faith. But faith, to me, is lazy and illogical.


  18. notice that during lunar eclipses (when the Earth’s orbit places it directly between the Sun and the Moon, creating a shadow in the process), the shadow on the Moon’s surface is round. This shadow is the Earth’s, and it’s a great clue on the spherical shape of the Earth.


  19. CR berry, nice to see an atheist isn’t as dogmatic as the others. Now you ask for irrefutable tangible evidence, well there is. I’ve seen him with my own eyes, I’ve heard him, and I’ve felt him. I’m not crazy by any means, just very spiritual. Have you ever prayed? If you have then you’ll see your prayers answered. Lots of people ask for physical evidence of God, but the physical properties of all earth is physical evidence. The bible teaches this, and the most evidence we can have for God is within ourselves. You’d know where to look for God if you understand the bible and its scriptures. As far as the historicity of the bible, none of it is disproven, and in fact history leans toward all of the biblical events as having factually happened. The fact that a minority in the world wrote the bible, and it is one of the main belief systems in the entire world TODAY is incredible. some of the writers having nothing to do with each other, but all divinely inspired by the same power, God. You have to admit the bible was way ahead of its time right? With that being said, the bible teaches man was made in God’s own image. This attributed to God’a metaphorical nature being physically adapted, a human being possesses all that God can be. The concept of soul, why are we so close physically to monkeys and apes, yet miles and infinitely ahead of them in terms of consciousness and cognition? Our free will given to God to find him so in the end his plan will come to fruition. And Our ability to have dominion over all the earth. You’d have to believe the scriptures to believe this right? No, just look at simple science, patterns, and logic. How did you come to be? Contrary to what false evolution implies, you can only come to be by having two parents. You had to be created. looking at patterns of life, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that these patterns and systems were created. Why does lightning happen? You can give me the scientific explanation as to why it happens, but Howcome one random variable doesn’t change the whole thing? Because it wasn’t designed to do it. These are just two examples, feel free to apply this to everything and then ponder on how it was created. Science is amazing, learning about the world around us, but once you start getting into areas where you can’t certainly say 100% the answer, then you start making theories, and that is dangerous because it starts getting taught as fact. The theory of evolution/spherical earth/ Big Bang are just as probable if not less probable than believing what the bible says. That is my opinion, and if you want to see evidence for God, you have to WANT to see it. Ask him to show himself to you, and he will. You’ll know in your heart even if someone else won’t. The power of free will individualism given by God.


    1. Thank you for your comment and what is a very stimulating debate!

      I appreciate what you’re saying, but I don’t think you can say that evolution and spherical Earth are just as probable or less probable than what is in the Bible. There is objective physical evidence for a spherical Earth and evolution. There is nothing of the sort for creationism and Adam and Eve.

      And when you say “history leans toward all of the biblical events as having factually happened”, what is your evidence for that? And which events are you referring to? I studied history, then went on to study law, including evidence law. It was hard-wired into me that any historical source must be vigorously tested for its veracity – who’s saying it? Why are they saying it? When did they say it? Is what they’re saying backed up elsewhere, by others, or by objective physical evidence? Those sorts of questions are asked before a piece of text can be truly trusted. Unless you can prove the contrary, the Bible pretty much fails all these tests.

      The New Testament for instance. We don’t actually know who wrote the gospels. They were all written after Jesus’s death. None are contemporaneous with the events of his life, so they’re not eyewitness accounts. We don’t know why they were written, and there’s a ton of inconsistencies between all of them. (See my previous blog, As historical sources, the gospels are poor.

      As to your argument about seeing and hearing God and there being tangible evidence of him everywhere, I’m afraid I just don’t buy that. God is illogical. God doesn’t answer prayers. How could he? How could he answer some prayers and not others? People pray to him for their help, and when something goes right, it’s a miracle and it’s down to God. What about all the awful shit that happens? God just lets it happen! If God is real, if God answers prayers, and if miracles are real – and worse still, if half the things attributed to God in the Bible are true, i.e. all the cruelty, sexism, homophobia and child murder – then I’m sorry but God is a monster.

      And to say, “to see evidence of God, you have to WANT to see it”, is something I’ve heard a hundred times before. It’s a weak argument that purports to excuse the advocate from providing any real evidence. I literally just asked God to show himself to me. He hasn’t, despite your insistence that he would. Why? Because he’s not there.


      1. Well, maybe God is showing himself to you through me. This is literally how he works. It isn’t obvious. If it was then everybody would believe. I literally stumbled upon this blog by chance. I think I was on the 4th page of Google because I was bored seeing if anyone had any flat earth evidence. This all goes to the bible, God’s plan.

        And I’m talking more of the Old Testament for historical accuracy even though the New Testament does have accuracy in my opinion. Now I’m too lazy to show you everything in the bible, but I promise if you research it, you’ll find how human history/civilization all lines up with the bible. And well, if you understand the bible, you’d understand that God is realistic and the brutality was necessary in the Old Testament because that’s how the world was. God always kept his word and always tried to keep the people of earth focused on him. He’s loving. We all have free will after all and there was some fucked up people. It wasn’t until Jesus that God was able to have people reach him through Jesus. And btw God specifically condemned child sacrifice.

        But anyway, God really isn’t illogical at all. It’s just the logic spans conventional logic. The dating of millions of years old seems accurate but in my opinion, it isn’t. It’s a wild estimation. I have a scientific mind too so I understand your beliefs. At the end of the day, you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe, but I can tell you, that we both share the human experience, you are not anymore evolved than I am or vice versa, so I know we all go through the same things in life. I think you should give God a chance because he’s very real. There’s no other way to put it without seeming like an asshole. He’s impossible to comprehend, yet simple to understand.


      2. All european kings got their divine rulership by the fruit of king davids loins. My friends of course most people dont OVERSTAND the bible. The bible yous guys speak of is a plagiarism stolen by same european kings. How many of yous guys out there have heard of the ethiopian orthodox coptic church.




  21. I just found or herd about this from a guy at work now I do think the earth is round in shape and nasa and tons of private company that have been in space would say something but what is hard to understand is something I never thought about and that’s if the earth is moving how come planes going towed the soon or away from it do not come to destinations at different times…if your plane is going 900 mph and earth is spinning with your. Direction and what 1300 mph is the speed I Think earth is spinning how do you even get to your destination lol..I don’t understand that. And how high do you have to be for you to get away from gravity if that’s why because nasa videos show earth spinning so they can go up and wait for a destination to appera and go back down …just wierd


  22. Hi CR Berry .
    Well I never put my thought into thinking the earth was flat , Why because i was taught in school the earth is round. Right now i have no idea if the earth is really spherical and orbiting the sun along with other planets that are so far away n as NASA says they will take looooooong time for missions on all planets.
    But here are few Q’s i have after reading your blog and every comment until i could take no more of them hehe..
    1. If the earth is flat as mentioned by the flat earth believers then i want to see what the earth looks like when flat (like an image made on PS will do just to get an understanding of how you see the earth being flat as) This will help broaden our vision like they say images are stronger then words.
    2. If the earth is proved to be flat as mentioned a lot of times in most comments that by using a infrared and thermal reading it proves because as mentioned we aren’t supposed to view anything if the world is spherical below us. … My question is : does improvement in technology come into picture with regards to infrared and thermal predictions. They say these are done with help of satellites in the skies right so does this play any role with improvements in technology. (sorry if i sound dumb i have no science background but have mentally been interested in everything about science since the past year.) I do understand that infrared are rays which aren’t visible to our eyes but exist around us also its used in more than one purpose so this way wouldn’t it mean the technology of infrared is variable in different uses. If not fill me up on how its supporting the theory of proving earth is flat apart from the only comment i came across in all comments “” using infrared we aren’t supposed to detect anything 3 mile away if the world is spherical “”
    3. I have noticed a lot of reference of GOD and SCIENCE , I am an Indian Hindu and in our vedic system there are many different theories of the solar system which i have no clue about but have recently read somewhere that NASA seems to be interpreting this now. What i have noticed about NASA is this when it involves religion for some reason they are proving lot of science with regards to stuff written in the bible, and for some reason they are now cracking the Vedic system in Hinduism saying they may find an different perspective of looking at the solar system. what im trying to say is they seem to be dissolving views of the world said in the bible by producing fact related materials and are funnily now trying to decipher a new religions view on the world called the VEDAS.
    This way i feel NASA is only working towards proving theories of the past by others right or wrong.

    All of this said we will only believe with our eyes as humans we are so be it NASA of Flat Earth believers or anybody else. The only way we can get this right is by sending an actual space ship into space with me in it ( just kidding guys)..
    Have a wonderful flat and spherical day being curious is what we need in this world.


  23. Ball earthers don’t have a single substantial shred of evidence to actually prove we live on a sphere. All they can offer is wild conjecture and metaphysical theories based on pseudoscience. The earth is a fixed flat plane contained under a glass like dome structure known as the firmament, exactly as described in the Bible. We haven’t been anywhere despite all these Hollywood star trek fantasies persisting about outer space, planets and aliens!! It’s a comedy of errors at best because they simply don’t exist.

    In the early 20th century it was known that a field of radiation that surrounds the earth known as the Van Allen belts were impossible for humans to penetrate. Yet somehow they want us to believe they not only went got through them in one piece and landed on the moon, they also returned in one piece without so much as a hint of radiation sickness!! This is the realm of science fiction fantasy, not reality I’m afraid. It’s no surprise then that it was a Nazi scientist Werner von Braun and Walt Disney who teamed up to start all this space race nonsense and carefully constructed a make believe fairy tale story that caught the public’s imagination.

    Look, we all had the same education whether you believe NASA (National Academy of Space Actors) or have actually stopped laughing and taken the time to think critically (discouraged by the establishment) and do some research. Water cannot exist on a curved surface, let alone a sphere. If goes against science, yet we are told it does and this magical force gravity somehow holds it all together! Yet no one has ever demonstrated it because it’s pseudoscience. Just go outside into your garden and tell me can you actually feel any movement to the earth? No! But, but, but it’s inertia right?? !! C’mon people why go with complicated maths when the easiest explanation is usually the right one. I can’t feel any movement because there isn’t any! Simples.

    The heliocentric model was conceived by Freemasons that put their sun gods at the centre of the so called universe and convinced us we are not special. We just crawled out of the slime millions of yrs ago and have no purpose! Only to make money and war right? It’s survival of the fittest. Only the strong will survive through natural selection! There is no God or accountability. There is no purpose to life. Everything somehow just happened by chance. Everything evolved over millions of yrs right! Yet no shred of evidence, just wild conjecture, metaphysical theories and pseudoscience padded off as fact. It’s time to wake up because you’ve all been deceived by the 1% who have kept you like mushrooms in the dark and hidden the real world from you. This model works for them because it allows them to horde all the wealth on earth and keep you locked in a prison of your own minds delusion. I stopped laughing long ago when I took the red pill and woke up. Sadly most won’t, but many will and have. 500 yrs of spinning ball earth pseudoscience fiction fantasy hypnosis is coming to an end!

    I love our beautiful fixed flat enclosed earth. It makes sense to me because it’s simple, yet beyond the understanding of our finite minds. It is a mystery beyond anything we know or can fathom. It is the handiwork of an omnipotent and omniscient God who wants us to find Him. Don’t let your false pride and ego stand in the way!


    1. Hi friend. Thank you for your comment, it had me laughing out loud for a good ten minutes. Hilarious 😂. Hopefully you’re taking the piss. If you’re not and you’re actually serious, it’s even funnier.


      1. I’m glad it did because when reality finally explodes your tiny science fiction world illusion you will be in for a rude and painful awakening! You do realise it is they who are laughing at you?? Its why they put Flat Earth on the UN flag. They hide the truth in plain sight. Good luck with your spinning ball earth, either way we both live on one model.


      2. Crikey. You are serious. I assumed your comment was satire. I couldn’t believe it to be anything else. But it does appear that you think a thousands-of-years-old book written by a ton of different people, many unidentified, with varying agendas and beliefs, is a more reliable source of knowledge than what billions of scientists tell us today. You even doubt gravity. That makes you a very special type of conspiracy theorist, and without meaning to be rude, I’m afraid that isn’t a compliment.

        When you have discovered what the words “evidence”, “proof” and “research” actually mean, do come back to me for a rational discussion.


  24. I am wondering that you get my message since it disappears when I click post, then type a password to upload up comment, but not let me know. The bigger post


  25. Hi, C. R., I am a Bible and flat earth believer. And those what I believe comes from logical and illogical. What makes sense and what not make sense. If it doesn’t make sense for a flat earth, I will not become flat earth, if I don’t believe in Bible, I will not believe in Bible. But it is more logical to believe in Bible, than flat earth, since from Bible, comes all of us, here, and logical from a science point of view that shows evidence, indirectly evidence that is us, and we are created from God. Becuase from scientific evidence that shows in indirectly and directly, In science that says air demands pressure to hold the air; solid do not need pressure. That is science and logical because it has a pattern that we see in real life. There is science that we see in real life that is indirect evidence, intelligent to create something. For example, a chair, a house, it doesn’t come itself, it comes from a human. That is indirect evidence, so indirectly evidence of us, which means there is a God that created us. If there is a pattern in indirectly and directly, then it is right to use it, which it can be illogical or logical.

    You mention God is out of date, which means in another word, old fashion, same as VCR is old that it is lower in speed, quality, and other stuff, but primary lower in quality, so DVD is preferred. So, DVD is in of date, or new fashion. But if ya assume God is old fashion relate to needing of God to gain an understanding of things, that we now have things to gain understanding thru science, technology, and other stuff. Well, that may be part of the reason for God that is because of limited understanding, which we have more understanding. But the other part, it is because we are limited, so we need God, and it is logical that God is there since we are limited. Limited in knowledge, because we have a process, that is limited itself, not absolutely, as the whole source. That there is no need to learn, it is just knowledge or no knowledge. We are in middle of knowledge and non-knowledge, we are learning, gaining knowledge.

    That is logical and illogical in the proper way by the knowledge I just used. What is the main reason for you say God is illogical, it is because there is no evidence of feeling, that is good, happy, and other positive? There is evidence of seeing that is bad, negative and other stuff, which God as eternal good can remove all the bad, so no bad, means no God. Right?? Well, that is an improper use of illogical and logical, because you are under God, not out of God or equal to God. So, for example, rape is an illogical word that it is wrong forever as mean it is negative sex to other people, right. Sex to get a baby is logical that is good because you have a baby, so it is logical good forever right? The point is base what you feel, you see, what you know that is logical and illogical, right. So, what you are saying to God that is illogical, that would be wrong since it is not equal in a pattern of proper to use that is rape, having a baby because it is part of human and other humans that want it. Not part of you, but separate from you, which you can use logical or illogical the right way. Since God creates us, so we are not separate from God, so we can’t say logical or illogical decision like we are God, but we can say logical and illogical decision like we are human because human that is not part of us and separate, not connect to us.

    So, you agree you are using illogical or logical the wrong way to God since He is non-limited and above us. It will be illogical to use logic to God since we decide what is logical or illogical to God, right? That is basically the same as evolution that humanly believes, but from human’s mind come out evolution and they believe it, with no evidence, just their mind. So, it is by entire faith, not mixed with faith and knowledge. It is same with flat earth that you don’t believe or going to believe but in case of your feeling that is don’t believe that it is not fair you don’t believe that is right from other people and they can be wrong, but flat earth is wrong since globe model come from human, not from human’s eye, so human lies, so no reason to believe them and it is double standard that is you believe what you want to believe from human, and other you don’t believe what you don’t want to believe, that is double standard, and both can be wrong, but you pick what you don’t believe, that is bias. It is more logical to believe reality is right, and humans are wrong, unless human that match reality and make sense in a logical way, they are right.

    That is logical in science since it demands evidence, but behind the evidence, there is a pattern of right and wrong. Internal evidence that is logical from thinking process that does match external evidence that is science.

    To be continue…


    1. Hi Khalif, I got your comment, but I have to approve them myself before it gets posted (good way to avoid spamming).

      Thanks for your lengthy comment. However I don’t feel it’s going to be very productive to enter into a religious debate with you. Your understanding is limited by your belief in God, which means you cannot see beyond God, and you cannot see the possibility that maybe life and existence ‘just is’ and that the nature and origins of the universe are currently beyond our comprehension. I don’t profess to know all the answers, I never have. What I do know is that God is a super-easy answer to all our most difficult questions.


  26. So ya think human take the easy way out by saying it is God, instead of the hard way that it is human’s fault and they need to work hard to make things better?? Well, God is the easy way out because of non-limited, compare to limited of us. If we are limited, that means it is limited in knowledge, which can easily go to the wrong path, or anything, which becomes hard. The ratio of limit to unlimited, which means the work toward unlimited to anything right is impossible by the foundation of human that need something to get it right, so they rely on God to get it right since God is unlimited in anything that is right because He is unlimited.

    That is why we have a problem in the word because of the foundation of us that is limited, which it is learning the process, not automatically knowledge. We learn thru the unlimited, the unknown to become known, it can be wrong or right, or wrong, then change to right, or whatever it is.

    So, does it makes it better to have God because it makes sense since that is unlimited as everything that is right, compared to us, that we are limited in knowledge of right. We learn by the process to gain knowledge. God has no process, he is the knowledge. That is why people believe in globe model, but not believe in a flat earth because of limited of human, so it is tempting to do bad, not do what is good, all the time.

    You say it is possible of ‘just is’ as an answer, not God, that would be an improper use of logical and illogical because you are expanding logical and illogical beyond what you see, can do, can feel. So, the answer is ‘what if’, not God is there. That would mean any that human thinks might be right, which causes a problem. That is reason of globe model because human has what if that label global model as true, so human believe it, not relying true science, by seeing the reality as what is there, as foundation, that we used the reality to get the answer, not ourselves in our mind as primary, but should be secondary in our mind, in connect to primary, the reality that show what make sense and not. That is the truth which it is a reality, and it is a lie which it is a false reality. For example, I mention above for rape, so rape is a reality that is illogical because it means negative sex and bad. Rape is not beyond our feeling, our seeing, our anything, it is within ourselves that we can see and feel, so we label proper use for logical or illogical. So, it is illogical forever, will never change to logical as rape is right because it hurts people. So, global model hurts us by resist the truth and believe the lies. Not open the mind to think everything that makes sense and what not. When we have ‘just is’ we jump to conclusion that we want to jump, won’t be better to process to a conclusion that match reality, the reality is just is that we must follow, not ignore the reality, and use our mind for just is. That is how dinosaurs, global model, evolution are born, it was born from the mind.

    It is true there are false religious, also there is one true religion. So, it is those people that are bad that cause people to reject God, right? Ya agree that you called God out of date because they use as easy answer for everything or because there is a lot of suffering so you called God out of date? So, it is not evidence of seeing, but evidence of feeling that you feel happy with no suffering. That is the evidence ya are typing about that is there is no evidence?

    You say you don’t know all the answer, right, but the problem you use that part as a contradict what you say all the answer, but one part you use ‘what if’, that part is known that you know the answer ‘what if’. That is your answer. What if is from your mind, that you follow as a whole, that would mean what follows from your mind, or other people mind. So, what if is anything possible, so global model is right. So, you don’t know almost all answer, but you know one answer that is what if, which combine to 100 percent of knowledge. What if can be anything from human’s mind, so that is one answer ‘from human’s mind’, anything is flexible, but not absolutely. But as an answer that is from what if is ‘from human’s mind’ that is absolute.

    You believe in the flat earth?


    1. Your passion is commendable but none of what you’ve said makes any sense my friend. If you’re someone who believes the Earth is flat in this day and age (and you also implied a disbelief in evolution and dinosaurs), then with all due respect you need to get your head out of the Bible and have a conversation with an actual scientist.


  27. What I say that doesn’t make sense? What is above that is not illogical? Because what I explain that make sense base the foundation of us, which we have limited knowledge which makes sense, in comparison to an unlimited knowledge that we don’t have, but we gain new knowledge from our mind, that does not match reality, which reality is the knowledge. You say conversation to a scientist, about what? What is the reason you are typing to me to have a conversation with scientist?? What I type that impel you to say that I talk to a scientist? What I say make sense about unlimited knowledge and limited knowledge, which it is God and (a reality that He creates) and human? In connected to the proper use of logical and illogical.

    Ya hasn’t answered two questions that you believe in a flat earth, but I will assume it is not because you say if you believe the flat earth and you want me to talk to a scientist, that means you don’t?

    For reason of your not believing in God, it is because it is not evidence of seeing, but evidence of feeling that you feel happy with no suffering. That is the evidence ya are typing about that is there is no evidence?

    It is not definitely believed that I believe dinosaur is not real, but highly possible.


  28. Good method to earn money based on stupid mass. But I agree the foolish theory of flat earth is not worse than believing in god)) You all americans are so funny!


  29. The best absolute proof which destroys all flat-earth theories is this: The sun always appears to move at a fixed speed across the sky. If the earth was actually flat, and the sun remained at a constant height above the earth, and at a constant speed over the flat earth, then the APPARENT SPEED of the sun would ACCELERATE when directly overhead, and the APPARENT SPEED would SLOW DOWN as it reached angles closer to the horizon (go watch an airliner move across the sky at a constant height to see what I mean). So, in conclusion, the FACT that the appears to move across the sky at a rate of one sun diameter every 2 minutes, no matter how high it is or how low it is, absolutely DESTROYS any argument that the sun is only a few thousand miles high cruising over the “flat” earth at a constant speed. The best thing is, any flat-earth-tard can crawl out of his dark basement and into the sunlight, and actually perform some simple measurements throughout a day to conclude by simple observation that the sun does not conform to ANY KIND of flat-earth trajectory and velocity whatsoever. The sun appears to move at constant speed during the whole course of a day (and so does the moon, for that matter). If you want to see this graphically, watch this video, and try to comprehend what you are seeing:


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