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Million Eyes II blog tour so far, plus book launch venue change reminder

These photos, taken by Galina Varese at Chez Maximka, are wonderful. She’s found an image that could be the ‘Hooded Man’ in Million Eyes II, along with the Gunpowder Plotters and Jesus. She’s very kindly let me showcase them here.

I’m five days into the blog tour for Million Eyes II: The Unraveller, organised by fellow Elsewhen Press scribe Mark Iles, and just wanted to share how it’s going.

It started with a stop at Feed The Crime, where Blair Leftly wrote a review of Million Eyes II and said that she loved it even more than the first book (which she also reviewed for the last blog tour). She made a point of saying how shocked she was that the first book only has 39 reviews on Goodreads, which is why she included it in her “Books I’ve Loved with Less Than 200 Ratings” article. My favourite quote in her review is probably this one:

I feel like C.R. Berry writes incredibly complex stories where all the plotlines are woven together in such a beautiful way that I won’t be able to create a review that will do this book justice.

Day 2 was a Q&A over at Jane Hunt’s blog, where I talked about the themes in the Million Eyes trilogy, why I start with plot and not characters, historical research, and the best and worst parts of being a writer. She’s also included an excerpt from chapter one. So if you haven’t got the book yet but you’d like a sneak peek at what happens to the Princes in the Tower, who vanished (again) partway through book one, go have a look!

Another stunning review was posted on day 3, on the blog of Jessica Belmont. She said that book two is better than book one (which a few of my beta readers have told me too!) She called it one of her favourite reads of 2021 and said she was impressed with how easy the complex plot is to follow (which is good, because sometimes I worry about all the timey wimey shenanigans being confusing as hell!).

When the second book is even better than the first book, which you rated five stars, you know you’re reading a fantastic trilogy. 

Million Eyes II ebook surrounded by images of Richard III, the Princes in the Tower, and the 'Hooded Man'
Another of Galina’s lovely images, featuring the Princes in the Tower and Richard III

On day 4, Galina Varese at Chez Maximka posted an incredibly detailed and also highly positive review. She called it “chilling” and “suspenseful” with a plot that is “utterly Byzantine” and “addictive”. She also pointed out that, urm, a few people might be less keen!

His unconventional re-telling of the story of Jesus is engaging, though some devout Christians might find it offensive.

Of course, the whole point of my re-telling of the story of Jesus is to say that my version of events is actually no less likely than the stuff that actually made it into the New Testament. Since, you know, the New Testament is biased, of unknown authorship, not contemporaneous, and chock-full of inconsistencies and contradictions. They might be good stories (er, if you like that sort of thing), but they make dreadful history books.

Erm – actually, that probably makes my re-telling more offensive 🤣.

Galina also made this comment, which is a nice illustration of what you get from this book.

If you’ve enjoyed What If? series on Disney+ recently, you will love Million Eyes for its mind-boggling improbable assumptions of historical events – which we profess to know – taking on a totally different twist – what if the disappearance of Princes in the Tower and the extinction of the dinosaurs were connected? 

And today, on day 5, I’m stopping off at the blog of the tour organiser himself, Mark Illes, to talk about the ups and downs of publicity, and the things I’ve done to promote Million Eyes and Million Eyes II. There’s also an extract of an action scene in which a driverless van carrying Keiko Hamasaki gets hacked by people who want the mysterious artefacts she’s carrying…

Keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for the latest stops on the tour, set to continue till 11th November!

Million Eyes II Book Launch Venue Change Reminder

As Waterstones in Farnham were unfortunately unable to host the launch on 19th November 2021 for Million Eyes II due to their Covid restrictions, I’ve moved the event to a cafe/cocktail bar near where I live called Chandlers. All the details are here. Really hope you can still make it!

Article Updates Begin

In other news, I’ve just started the process of revisiting some of my most popular articles on conspiracy theories and urban legends and republishing them with new information. I’ve just republished my most popular article ever, Alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin disappears – did he go ‘back to the future’? Over the years, it’s racked up 137,250 views, which is fantastic. It was about time I gave it some love.

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    1. Haha, well I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think 🙂 I’m over 65,000 words into book 3 as we speak, too, so hoping to make great headway on that before the end of the year.


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