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The Million Eyes II cover is here!

It’s been difficult holding this in. Elsewhen Press sent me the cover for Million Eyes II: The Unraveller last weekend and I’ve been bursting to show people.

Well, now I can, and here it is. And I absolutely love it, more than the first one, in fact. Elsewhen Press have done a brilliant job (thank you Alison Buck).

The cover wonderfully reflects the plot of the book with those images of Guy Fawkes, Jesus, and a dinosaur, and I love how they’re all drawn in a tapestry style. Best of all, the tapestry’s unravelling, just like the threads of time in this book!

Elsewhen Press explained the inspiration for the cover on social media:


So, can you deduce any clues from that tagline, or from the subtitle ‘The Unraveller’, as to how the story that started in Million Eyes unfolds (or should that be unwinds or unravels?) What do we know? Well, conspiracy theories abound (of course). C.R. Berry has mentioned dinosaurs, the Gunpowder Plot, Jesus, the Bermuda Triangle, and the mysterious Unraveller! Time is often likened to a tapestry, and we all know the biggest enemy of a tapestry… moths… I mean, unravelling threads. So imagine how much of a threat an Unraveller would be to the tapestry of time itself…And that was C.R.Berry’s inspiration for the cover by Alison Buck.

The book’s just come back from the proofreader this morning, too. So all I need to do now is go over any last amends and do a final read-through. Then it’s ready for production. Eeek!

The threads of time are unravelling on September 24th!

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