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Is the Mandela Effect evidence of time travellers? New Time Travel Nexus article published

Earlier this month, a new article of mine was published on Time Travel Nexus (the first in a while thanks to Covid setbacks at the site). It’s a new Time Travel Nexus Investigates article, a fun column where I look at real-life alleged cases of time travel such as Rudolph Fentz, the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller, John Titor and Greta Thunberg.

This latest article is all about the Mandela Effect, when someone has a clear memory of something that doesn’t accord with the established facts. The name originates from people who remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 80s, decades before he actually did. And I wrote it after exchanging some fascinating emails with Fiona Broome, the paranormal researcher who coined the phrase ‘Mandela Effect’.

The article looks at some other famous examples of the Mandela Effect, such as Shazaam, The Berenstein Bears and the Statue of Liberty’s torch, and debates whether instances of the Mandela Effect could be evidence of an alternate timeline…

Click here to read the article.

As my newsletter readers will know, I’m currently seeking publication for a story inspired by the Mandela Effect, called The Covid Effect. It’s a Million Eyes short story that explains why Covid-19 doesn’t exist in the Million Eyes universe, an idea that was given to me by a review of the first Million Eyes novel in Parallel Worlds.

This week I’m going to be covering the mystery of Dyatlov Pass for this month’s blog. I’ll also be writing a short article soon with some exciting updates on the Million Eyes series.

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