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New Million Eyes short story published in anthology “The Thing About Seventy”

A new Million Eyes short story has been published in the Rushmoor Writers 70th anniversary anthology The Thing About Seventy, available now from Amazon as a paperback and an ebook.

The story is called What Happened To 70? and is a Doctor Who-esque tale set in 1984, about two women. One gets invited by a mysterious company, Million Eyes, to help engineer a breakthrough in quantum physics. The other discovers that the number 70 has inexplicably disappeared from the universe.

For those who have read the first book, published earlier this year by Elsewhen Press, What Happened To 70? offers further insight into Million Eyes’ shady past.

The Thing About Seventy is a 148-page anthology that has been published as a celebration of 70 years of Rushmoor Writers, the second-oldest writers’ group in the UK, of which I’m currently (and rather proudly) the chairperson. It has tales of love, loss, lockdown, dragons, abandoned houses, dead people, mystical crystals, supermarket rebellions and aforementioned vanishing numbers.

It also includes a foreword by award-winning writer Christopher Fielden, who runs a website packed with advice and resources for writers.

I’d like to extend my thanks to all my fellow members of Rushmoor Writers, who’ve kept the group going these past 25,550 days, and who’ve pulled together through a difficult 2020 to produce this celebratory anthology.

I’d also like to thank Midnight Street Press for publishing it! Midnight Street Press is run by a former member of Rushmoor Writers, Trevor Denyer, so it’s very fitting that they’re helping us celebrate this milestone.

The ebook is available to buy for £2.99 and the paperback for £7.99.

Rushmoor Writers is currently open to new members. Please contact us through our website if you’re interested.

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