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Updates on the Million Eyes Series

My lovely newsletter readers will know that I’ve been using this crazy, weird year to make extra progress on Million Eyes II, the second installment of the Million Eyes trilogy. And it’s worked, too. I’m much further ahead than I would’ve been had Covid-19 not forced a temporary halt to almost everything else in my life.

So, here’s some quick updates on where I am with the whole shebang.

Million Eyes II: The Unraveller

Million Eyes II is (virtually) finished. I completed it towards the end of August and submitted it to 4 sense-checkers. They’ve been feeding back on the overall plot and character arcs and looking out for any major continuity, logic or timey wimey errors. I’ve heard back from all of them bar one and I’m away on holiday next week, which is when I plan to get started on making the edits they’ve suggested. I’m aiming to send the completed manuscript to Elsewhen Press at the end of this month.

Oh, and it’s officially going to be called Million Eyes II: The Unraveller.

What’s that? You want some plot details? Well, all I’m prepared to say at this point is that it’s got dinosaurs, Celts, gunpowder and Jesus…

Million Eyes III

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a chapter-by-chapter outline for Million Eyes III and I’ve literally just finished that this morning. I’m now raring to go on this one. I aim to start writing proper as soon as I’ve sent the second book to Elsewhen.

Potential release dates for Million Eyes II

I can’t yet give a solid idea of when Million Eyes II will come out, but I can say that I spoke to Elsewhen just a few weeks ago, and they’ve said that it’s likely to be spring 2021 at the earliest. This is because they already have a long list of books in their pipeline, some of which have been delayed by Covid.

I’m not sure I would want Million Eyes II to come out while Covid’s still raging anyway. The pandemic and the lockdown have made it extremely difficult to sell book one. In better times, I would’ve been doing signings and talks and events in book shops, and doing launches and panels at conventions, too. It might well be better to wait till there’s more scope to do physical events…

Short story news

I’ve been working on some new Million Eyes short stories during the lockdown, too. The first is called What Happened To 70? and is set to feature in the Rushmoor Writers 70th anniversary anthology, The Thing About Seventy. This will be published by Midnight Street Press in November. The story is about two women, one who gets tasked with helping a mysterious corporation, Million Eyes, engineer a breakthrough in quantum physics, and one who discovers that a number, 70, has been deleted from the universe.

The second is called Accidentally in Time. I wrote this one specifically for Leading Edge Magazine in the US (who accepted a previous story of mine, but unfortunately by that point it had already been published elsewhere). This one is about two children, Harper and Arlo, whose Shrek-themed birthday party goes wrong after the school bully turns up. Arlo runs away, Harper chases him, and the two discover something in the woods that will ultimately change their lives, and history, forever.

Although Leading Edge sadly rejected the story just the other day, they provided some brilliant feedback that has got me thinking about some improvements I could make. They’ve also said that I could resubmit the story once changes had been made.

In addition, I’ve written a new version of an old story called A Quiet War, about two detectives happening upon a hidden village populated by ex-time-travellers, who’ve discovered that moving through time can have unexpected consequences. Consequences that… itch.

I also have plans for a story based on the Mandela Effect, and a story set to be a Da Vinci Code-esque chase thriller. More details on these soon…

I was going to stop there, but I now have ideas for potentially two other stories. One is effectively a deleted scene from book one and the other focuses on the killing of a president. I’m not certain whether I’m going to do both of these or not, but if I do then my planned follow-up to Million Eyes: Extra Time, my short story expanded universe collection, will include 7 stories instead of 5.

That’s all for now. If you want to stay up to date on all my news, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Hope everybody’s keeping well. I for one am looking forward to Christmas! Santa better not catch Covid…

You can buy the first book in the Million Eyes trilogy as an ebook from all good ebook platforms, or as a paperback from Elsewhen Press, Amazon and bookshops such as Waterstones and Foyles.

Later this month: the author who predicted the sinking of the Titanic

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