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Waterstones book launch talk, Eastercon virtual launch and new review from Nothing in the Rulebook

I hope everyone is keeping well!

I’ve just uploaded to my YouTube channel my talk & reading from the Waterstones book launch of Million Eyes, book one of the Million Eyes trilogy, which took place on Friday 13th March.

Here it is!

In the video, I thank the people that have helped make Million Eyes possible, talk about the story and the inspirations behind it, and read an extract from chapter four (appropriately and not at all intentionally set during the Black Death pandemic in 1348!). Thank you to my wonderful mum for filming it!

Over the Easter weekend, I was also supposed to be launching Million Eyes, with Elsewhen Press, at UK sci-fi convention Eastercon in Birmingham, alongside three of Elsewhen’s other new books. Thanks to COVID-19, that didn’t happen, so Elsewhen did a virtual launch instead, where all of the authors read extracts of their new books. This page has the details!

Here’s the video in which I read an extract from chapter one of Million Eyes.

Finally, creative community and book review site Nothing in the Rulebook have published a lovely review of Million Eyes. They describe the book as “refreshingly fun – you can zip through this book very quickly and it’s a fine way to spend a weekend under coronavirus lockdown”. They also call it a “fast-paced thriller” with a “touch of both Mantel and Philip K. Dick” and that “there’s certainly something in this book for fans of both historical fiction and sci-fi to enjoy”. Thank you, NITRB!

The full review is here. I’ll be doing an interview with them later in the year.

Oh, and last last thing – Elsewhen are offering 25% off all print copies of their books till the end of April when you buy directly from them. Just visit this page, go to the ‘Buy Direct’ portal at the bottom and enter the coupon code NOTEASTERCON in the shopping cart.

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