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Million Eyes launched at Waterstones and it was the best night of my life

I’m not exaggerating when I say that last Friday was, hands down, the best night of my life. At Waterstones bookshop in Farnham, Surrey, I launched my new SF conspiracy thriller novel, Million Eyes, alongside my publishers, Elsewhen Press, and surrounded by family and friends. It was a brilliant success in spite of Coronavirus and it being Friday the 13th!

I did a 10-minute talk about the creation of Million Eyes and the fun and allure of the conspiracy thriller genre. I then did a 15-minute reading from the book, a chapter that was, rather appropriately, set during the Black Death pandemic in 1348. (Of course, that disease was much nastier and deadlier than Corona—although you wouldn’t believe it from the scale of the panic right now!)

Even though I had a couple of Coronavirus-related cancellations, my family, friends, friends of friends and a few people I didn’t know turned out in droves. It made the evening really special and tons of fun.

Pete Buck from Elsewhen Press, introducing me before my talk

Wine was drunk and nibbles were, urm, nibbled. But best of all, we sold nearly twice as many books as we were expecting to. My publishers had to break into a second box, one they were reserving for a future event. Needless to say, they were chuffed, as was Waterstones’ owner, who sold a bunch of other books on top of all the copies of Million Eyes. He’s invited me back to launch books 2 and 3 in the trilogy!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported me and made the night so awesome. And thank you to Elsewhen Press and Waterstones for hosting.

If anyone was hoping to come but couldn’t make it, Waterstones in Farnham still have some copies in store and I don’t mind dropping by and signing some. You can also order directly from Waterstones online or from Amazon or directly from Elsewhen Press. If you prefer, you can also buy the ebook.

I mentioned at the launch that my plan is to release book 2 next year, so I guess I better get back to it!

TTFN, you gorgeous lot.

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