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A couple of “Million Eyes” updates and a new article for Time Travel Nexus

Happy Wednesday! This is a quick update about my time travel conspiracy thriller novel, Million Eyes, and a few other bits and bobs.

So, I’m currently in talks with the publisher, Elsewhen Press, about a release date. We’ve not firmed up anything yet, but I’m hoping this will be confirmed very soon.

I’m waiting to be assigned an editor, which is the first stage of the process. The editing process could be short or long depending on how much requires changing (although the publisher has hinted already that it’s likely to be fairly minor stylistic changes and perhaps a couple of plot points that need clarifying).

We’ve started to discuss the cover art and possible locations for a book launch, and we’re also talking promotion.

Meanwhile I’m making good progress on Million Eyes II. I’m expecting this to stop once the editor’s revisions come through on the first book, as I’ll need to dedicate my attentions to that.

In other news, a new article by me on Time Travel Nexus was published last week. This is a head-scratching read for time travel nerds and in particular fans of Back to the Future and Looper. It’s all about a fundamental rule of time travel at the heart of these films that, well, just doesn’t work. You can read it here or by clicking the image below.

My next project for Time Travel Nexus is going to a long-term one. I’m going to be reviewing ALL of Star Trek‘s time travel episodes, from Star Trek: The Original Series through to Star Trek: Discovery and beyond. I’m ready to get my geek on.

A new conspiracy article is also coming this month. But before that, and before the series finale next week, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the final season of Game of Thrones thus far

Ta ta for now!

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