Voila! A new look & feel for the website

Good day readers! As mentioned in my article last week (which was great therapy by the way — I’ve felt heaps better since then), I’ve been wanting to relaunch my website with a new design and name. So here it is!

While I always liked the name “Behind The Curtain”, it was more reflective of my regular articles about conspiracy theories and what-not, and less reflective of me as an author. Hence why the site is now simply called “C.R. Berry”.

I’ve moved some furniture around and it’s a lot tidier. I’ve recategorised and moved all my conspiracy articles (you’ll find them in the dropdown under “On Conspiracies”). I’ve put all my articles about writing into the “On Writing” page. I’ve updated some of the pages, notably my About Me page. You’ll also find interviews with me and reviews of films, TV series and books more easily now.

There’s a few more pages I need to update. The Million Eyes Short Stories page is woefully out of date, so I’m going to update that with all the places where you can read the stories published thus far.

I’d love to know what you think of the new look!!!

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