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I’m now a Grindstone Literary shortlisted novelist!

In case you missed it on Facebook and Twitter, this is a quick post to say that I’m now a very proud Grindstone Literary shortlisted novelist. I entered the first 3,000 words of a new work-in-progress novel called Scuzzling — a conspiracy thriller with religious themes set in a fantasy world — into their international novel competition. It ended up shortlisted by Conville & Walsh literary agent Emma Finn.

When I made the longlist, I soooo was not expecting to also make the shortlist. It’s given me an incredible boost. I’ve also had some great feedback from the Grindstone Literary team and will shortly be receiving feedback from Emma as well.

I did enter the first 3,000 words of Million Eyes into the same competition. Sadly it wasn’t longlisted. However, I’ve had my feedback from the Grindstone team and it’s really, really positive! There were a couple of constructive points for me to consider but on the whole they seemed to really like it.

I’ll be posting a longer article tomorrow about my writing achievements, plans and reflections on the last year.

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