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New story “The Quiet Invasion” has been published in The Ginger Collect Issue 6

The Ginger Collect, publishers of “the weird, the new age and the strange”, have published my short story, The Quiet Invasion, in their latest issue.

The latest of the Million Eyes short storiesThe Quiet Invasion is set in the world of Million Eyes, in which time travel is possible but being kept secret by the powers that be.

The Quiet Invasion is not, in fact, a time travel story. Rather, it is about what could happen if time travel were possible. It follows two officers from a top-secret branch of the Met Police, Division 6 (last seen in my short story, Operation Loch Nesspublished by Idle Ink) as they investigate a mysterious village that no one’s ever heard of and isn’t marked on any maps. A source has informed them that this secret village is inhabited by aliens plotting to take over the world. But the truth could be even stranger…

Click here or the image below to read the story.

I also took part in an interview with The Ginger Collect. I’m not sure when that’s due to be published but I will post a link when it’s up.

In other news, I’m still working on the latest edit of Million Eyes after getting super-helpful feedback from a potential publisher, and I have an agent in mind to send it to when I’m done. I know it seems like an eternal process but I still really believe in the book and want to make sure I do right by it.

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