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My short story “Who is Rudolph Fentz?” is now available to read in Scribble Magazine

Scribble Winter 2015 CoverEvening all!

The winter 2015 edition of award-winning short fiction magazine Scribble is now available to buy for £4.50 from their website. You can also take out an annual subscription for £15.00.

As you’ll know from my previous posts, the winter 2015 edition contains my short story, Who is Rudolph Fentz? This is a mystery story about a man called Forrest Thomson, who witnesses a disoriented man in 19th century clothes getting run over by a taxi, and then stumbles upon a strange conspiracy to cover up the incident.

Based on the time travel urban legend of Rudolph Fentz, the ‘hit-and-run victim from the past’, Who is Rudolph Fentz? is the first of the Million Eyes Short Stories to be published.

Scribble is a short fiction magazine that’s been running since 1999 and won an award for ‘Best Short Fiction Magazine’ in 2007 at the Writers’ Grand Circle Awards. It’s a print magazine only, so I’m now looking at getting Who is Rudolph Fentz? published online.

I plan to do a full blog about the Rudolph Fentz legend soon; I’ve mentioned it previously in my blogs, Time travellers spotted in Cumbria, New York and Downton Abbey, and Alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin disappears – did he go ‘back to the future’?

Tomorrow I hope to post a short extract of the story, so stay tuned!


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