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My short story “Paul” makes it onto the Aeon Award Contest shortlist


A few months ago, I let people know that one of the stories in the Million Eyes Short Stories series, Rachel Can See, had been placed in the InkTears competition longlist. Unfortunately the story didn’t make it any further and is currently under consideration elsewhere. But my latest spot of good news is that Paul, the first story I wrote in the series, has gotten a little bit closer to publication, after being placed in the shortlist for the Aeon Award Contest.

The Aeon Award Contest is a prestigious and competitive short story competition with a €1,000 prize and guaranteed publication in Irish science fiction and speculative fiction magazine Albedo One. Second and third prize winners are also published.

I’ve got a long wait to find out whether Paul is going to be published, because the shortlist I’ve been placed in is just the first of four rounds. Still, it means the story has attracted some positive attention!


Albedo One is the leading Irish magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror, the longest-running Irish magazine of speculative fiction, and has been called “Ireland’s answer to Interzone“. Publication in Albedo One would be a huge deal (and the prize money is sweet!), so I’m keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for this one!

As an update, I’ve been forging ahead with the Million Eyes Short Stories since I last posted some news about them. I can exclusively reveal the titles of the stories I’m currently submitting for publication and to competitions. The titles are subject to change, but just as a tease, here they are:

Rachel Can See
Who is Rudolph Fentz?
The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller
Operation Loch Ness

Happy Friday!

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