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The Disney Conspiracy – Subliminal messages and a pro-gay agenda in Frozen?

The Walt Disney Company has been entertaining generations of people for almost a hundred years, from the groundbreaking Mickey Mouse shorts of the 1920s to 2013’s gargantuan money-spinner Frozen. But some conspiracy theorists believe that behind all the laughs, smiles and saccharine happiness is a sinister, seedy plot to corrupt children with sexual subliminal messaging. Let’s take a look at the evidence…

The Case for the Prosecution

Disney is trying to fill children’s heads with ideas about sex before they are ready. In 1995, the American Life League waged war on the Walt Disney Company, alleging that subliminal sexual messages had been hidden in The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Subsequently a woman from Arkansas called Janet Gilmer filed a lawsuit against Disney over the subliminal messages in The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. She alleged that Disney had misrepresented that these movies were suitable for children.

This image featured on the original video box cover of The Little Mermaid - a palace of penises?
This image featured on the original video box cover of The Little Mermaid – a palace of penises?
During the wedding scene in The Little Mermaid, the priest allegedly sports a hard-on
During the wedding scene in The Little Mermaid, the priest allegedly sports a hard-on
A hidden message in the clouds in The Lion King?
A hidden message in the clouds in The Lion King?
More sex in Tangled
More sex in Tangled

And in Aladdin, there is a clip where you can hear Aladdin saying, “Good teenagers, take off your clothes,” as he is trying shoo Rajah away. Have a listen…

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is also accused of subliminal messaging. During the scene when the cartoon car crashes into a lamppost, throwing Jessica Rabbit and Bob Hoskins from the car, the original film had several frames appearing to show Jessica’s naked nether regions. In another scene, animated Baby Herman extended his middle finger and jumped underneath a woman’s dress, re-emerging with drool on his lip. And apparently, during Betty Boop’s cameo, there was a single frame showing her nipples in the original film, which was edited by the time it reached home video.

Jessica Rabbit sans underwear
Jessica Rabbit sans underwear
Betty Boop's nipple slip
Betty Boop’s nipple slip

And finally, Disney announced a recall of the home video releases of The Rescuers in 1999 because of an “objectionable background image” – a topless woman inserted into two frames of the cartoon.

A topless woman sneaks into The Rescuers
A topless woman sneaks into The Rescuers

Disney is also trying to push a pro-gay agenda, to promote the normalcy of homosexuality. The Conspiracy Zone points out that Tom Schumacher, President of Disney Theatrical, is openly gay and has said, “There are a lot of gay people at Disney at every level.” Michael Eisner has been quoted as saying he thinks 40% of all Disney employees are gay. And the Conspiracy Zone also points out that Disney has placed adverts in ‘Out’, a homosexual magazine, and promotes ‘Gay Days’ at Walt Disney World.

More recently, Kathryn Skaggs, the writer of “A Well Behaved Mormon Woman”, has highlighted the gay agenda in Disney’s global hit, Frozen. She says that advocating the normalization of homosexuality is not just the underlying message, but the actual story of the movie. She says that Elsa’s powers, her shame and her attempts to suppress them and keep them hidden symbolise same-sex attraction, demonization of homosexuals in society and people’s fears of coming out. When Elsa reveals her powers, she is rejected by the townsfolk and runs away, symbolising how gay people are still treated in many corners of society. The rest of the movie is about getting Elsa to embrace her powers by letting go of her fears and learning to love. Skaggs argues that the lyrics of the huge hit song, Let It Go, illustrate the movie’s gay agenda explicitly:

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care what they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway

She goes on to say that the issue with Frozen’s blatant message is that acting on same-sex attraction is contrary to God’s will. That the normalization of homosexual behaviour in a hugely popular children’s movie should be of enormous concern to parents.

 The case for the defence

In the Janet Gilmer lawsuit, Disney denied all allegations of subliminal sexual messaging in The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. The fact that she dropped her lawsuit two months later demonstrates that her claims did not hold water.

Looking firstly at The Little Mermaid, okay, so if you’re looking for an erection on that cartoon priest, you’ll probably see one. But you can see in this subsequent frame from the scene that it’s highly likely to be his knee. And in the case of the dodgy video box, it’s generally accepted that it was purely accidental, the product of a rush job by the artist.


The alleged ‘S-E-X’ in The Lion King was later acknowledged by a Disney animator called Tom Sito. He said it was actually ‘S-F-X’, the abbreviation of ‘special effects’, slipped into the film as a signature from the animation department. In an animated movie that is in essence one huge special effect, this makes a lot more sense than the word ‘SEX’ randomly appearing in the clouds. Same goes for the ‘SEX’ in that Tangled image, pointed out by the Conspiracy Zone. I mean, that one is clearly baloney. It’s the conspiracy theorists seeing what they want to see.

The Aladdin ‘subliminal message’ is also generally thought to be nonsense. When you listen to the clip, it might sound a tiny bit like “good teenagers, take off your clothes.”  But it might also be a hundred other things. Once you’re told what to listen for, that’s what you hear. It’s generally accepted to be a bit of stray chatter and bad editing.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is not a film you can place in the same league as the others. Firstly, this movie is a cartoon mash-up celebrating Hollywood animation, featuring not just Disney characters but characters from Warner Bros, Universal and other companies as well. Secondly, Disney produced this movie with Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and released it under its Touchstone Pictures label, because it was considered too risqué for the Disney label. And it is. While overall it is considered suitable for families, there is a lot of humour in the film that is reserved for adults. It opts to portray a ‘realistic’ (and I use that word ironically) world of humans and cartoons living and working together, complete with crime, corruption, blackmail, sex and murder. Remember the patty cake sequence?! And you only have to look at Jessica Rabbit to know you’re not watching a regular Disney film. There are also a few gruesome/violent moments as well, some of which I didn’t see for many years because the TV network I watched it on edited them out.

So it’s no surprise to me that cheeky animators might slip a few naughty bits, like the Baby Herman scene, Jessica Rabbit sans underwear and Betty Boop’s nipples, into the proceedings. These are far more likely to be deliberate than the other ‘subliminal messages’. But to point these out in a movie that already deals with risqué humour and isolate them as part of grand conspiracy to corrupt children is inane.

There’s certainly no denying the naked woman in The Rescuers. But Disney claimed that the images had been inserted during the post-production process more than 20 years previously, after the Disney animators had completed their work. And nobody knew about The Rescuers until Disney themselves announced it and recalled the videos.

Turning to Disney’s pro-gay agenda, there is very little to be said on the matter of Disney employing lots of gay people, except this: Good on them. Long may it continue. As to Disney conspiring to corrupt children with a pro-gay message in Frozen, I say: Good on them again. I will say that the story of Frozen and its famous song Let It Go can be interpreted hundreds of ways, that it can be said to symbolise many fears that people have over being different. It’s not just about homosexuals afraid to come out. But, certainly, it could be seen that way. And why the hell not?

The Verdict

Not guilty.

I can’t see any evidence of ‘subliminal messaging’. For starters, subliminal messaging means to secretly plant a message into the minds of those who are watching or listening with the intention of persuading them. None of these alleged instances actually do this. The word ‘sex’ randomly spliced into The Lion King is not a message. Apparent phallic images in The Little Mermaid are not messages. And what is “Good teenagers, take off your clothes” supposed to mean? Nothing. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s nonsense. And all of these instances are generally regarded as being untrue anyway – the product of people’s imaginations.

Does the imagery in The Rescuers and Who Framed Roger Rabbit prove a Disney conspiracy to subvert children’s minds? No. They were not messages. They were jokes inserted by the animators, which the higher-ups at Disney clearly had no knowledge of.

With regard to Disney corrupting children with a pro-gay message, the issue is in the use of the word ‘corrupting’. It’s mostly right-wing religious people and people stuck in medieval times who consider homosexuality to be a bad thing. The rest of the forward-thinking world doesn’t, therefore – in my view – it’s not possible to ‘corrupt’ children with a pro-gay message.

In any case, creating stories about people who are ostracised for being different, and have to learn to conquer their fears and embrace who they are, is what Disney does best. Elsa in Frozen. Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Mulan. Hercules. Dumbo. The message isn’t just pro-gay. It’s bigger than that. It’s pro-tolerance.

There are lots of other conspiracy theories about Disney and Disney movies. I’ll be exploring these in forthcoming articles.

Next week: The X Factor Conspiracy!

Sources:, The Conspiracy Zone, A Well-Behaved Mormon WomanWikipedia

16 thoughts on “The Disney Conspiracy – Subliminal messages and a pro-gay agenda in Frozen?”

  1. Hello there sir,
    I would like to quickly say that it does seem you do have your own agenda in your articles. I enjoy reading your writing and appreciate your research and facts however when showing examples of others feelings on certain matters it seems you patronise the opisition based on your own views.
    To be honest I am unsure why I felt the need to inform you, however there that is 🙂
    On the other hand, I am glad I found you.
    Have all the lovely days.
    Fair well


    1. Hi Amber

      Thanks for your comment and for visiting my site, and I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. I am quite an opinionated person and this blog is my subjective take on conspiracy theories, mysteries and urban legends. Therefore, when I come across a theory that I think is stupid (see my recent blog about the Royal Family of Britain being lizards as an example!), I will say it like it is and present my view. And while I don’t necessarily mean to patronise anyone, sometimes the things I come across in the world of conspiracy theories are ripe for patronising! Unfortunately it is impossible to put forward an opinion in this day and age without offending someone, and while my intent is not to offend, I’m certainly not going to stop offering my opinion in the manner that I do for fear of offending someone.

      So I thank you for the opportunity to let me clarify my position on the blog, and I hope you keep reading! 🙂


    1. I freely admit that I am a biased Disney fan. However, this article looked objectively at the issues that some Disney conspiracy theorists raise. If there is something in particular that you don’t agree with, please enlighten me as to what it is…


      1. I see it’s been 14 months, with no reply.
        Doubtless, Kevin is taking his time, in order to frame the most perfect possible rebuttal.
        I’ll check back in another year.
        Meanwhile, I thank you for taking your stands in favor of both rationality and simple common decency.
        (Sadly, the latter is not as common as we could wish.)
        And thanks for a fun site.
        (Found by google image search for keywords “munchkin suicide” (without quotes); your site is both 2nd and 20th hit! On a regular web search for the same phrase, yours is 3rd out of about 384k, after only YouTube and Snopes. Good job!)


      2. Hi Sam, thanks for your comment! And thanks for letting me know those stats – always great to hear when the site is doing well 😀 . Do become a follower if you like the site, and you might enjoy some of my short stories (and my upcoming novel), which riffs on some of the conspiracy theories/mysteries/urban legends I write about here. Cheers!


      3. Did you? You mean Million Eyes? That’s fantastic if so! I really hope you enjoy it. There’s also a free ebook called Million Eyes: Extra Time if you’re interested in some more stories set in that universe. And book 2’s on the way! With the publishers at the moment.

        Merry Christmas 😊🎄🎅🎁

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      4. Haha, yes I saw it. 😆 As Million Eyes: Extra Time is free to download, you can’t find it through the Kindle store. You just download the Kindle file directly from Elsewhen’s site. Here’s the link: ☺☺

        Hope you enjoy this too!

        You asked about the sequel so I just thought I’d give you a little more detail. I’m not sure when Book 2’s going to be out but it’ll be sometime next year. Meantime I’m 2 chapters into Book 3, and working on another set of Million Eyes short stories, which I’m hoping to publish together in another smaller collection called Million Eyes: Over Time. So lots more Million Eyes to come!

        Thanks for showing so much interest. It’s really rewarding to know that people are enjoying my writing! Merry Christmas.


  2. Have you looked at the sauna scene in Frozen? When Oaken states that his family in the sauna at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, there isn’t an adult women who could be his wife. Just a man with some children. This would offer more support to the pro-gay Disney agenda.


    1. So single fathers have to be gay?
      Might want to rethink that theory — or accept the necessary implication that there are a LOT more gay men out there than had ever been suspected before.


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