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The ‘Real’ Men In Black – Aliens, Majestic-12 or Mirage Men?

For many people, the Men in Black are Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, zapping people’s memories in the popular 1997 comedy and its sequels. For others, Men in Black are a very real threat… For decades, men in black suits, sunglasses and hats have been making house calls to unsuspecting victims, normally those who… Continue reading The ‘Real’ Men In Black – Aliens, Majestic-12 or Mirage Men?

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TV Review – Dark Skies

In an extra blog for this week, I’m reviewing Dark Skies, a conspiracy theory-based sci-fi series from the 90s, which followed in the footsteps of The X Files but was cancelled before its time. Spoilers ahead. I try to avoid cancelled TV shows unless I know they’ve ended properly, which often means waiting for a show… Continue reading TV Review – Dark Skies