The Million Eyes Short Stories

The Million Eyes short stories are standalone short stories set in the same universe as the Million Eyes Trilogy. Many of them are inspired by real-life conspiracy theories, mysteries and urban legends.

Rachel Can See
Rachel Evans is having memories of things that didn’t happen. A shadowy organisation, concerned by what she might reveal, takes action.

Longlisted by Inktears in 2014, Rachel Can See was published in Metamorphose Volume 2 and won an honourable mention. Click the logo below to buy a copy.

A car crash that wasn’t supposed to happen. A much-loved musician who wasn’t supposed to die. It’s time to set things right — but at what cost?

Shortlisted in the Aeon Award Contest 2015, Paul was published by Storgy Magazine (and later re-published in Suspense Magazine). Click the logo to read it.

The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller
A woman on a mobile phone — in 1928? Film director George Clarke investigates a time-bending oddity on an old Charlie Chaplin DVD, but needs to be careful where he pokes his nose.

This story was published in Issue 11 of Tigershark Magazine (and can be read here) and the March/April 2017 edition of Suspense Magazine. Click the logo to read it in Suspense Magazine.

Who is Rudolph Fentz?
A man discovers that a fictional short story by Jack Finney about weird time travelling goings-on in New York might not be so fictional after all.

Who is Rudolph Fentz? was published in Issue 68 of Scribble Magazine and won 3rd prize out of 19 stories in that issue, voted for by the readers. The issue is now out of print, but it was later re-published by Storgy Magazine. Click the logo below to read it.

The Home Secretary is safe
Cody Evans is sick of hearing about how Mrs Battersby needs to trim her unsightly hedge, but the woman opposite on the train won’t stop saying it. What’s going on?

The Home Secretary is safe was longlisted by the Inktears Short Story Contest and To Hull and Back Humorous Short Story Competition, both in 2017. It was subsequently published by sci-fi magazine Phantaxis in Issue 6. Click the logo below to buy a copy from Amazon.

Operation Loch Ness
DS Claire Garrison is tasked with investigating the disappearance of an amateur Loch Ness Monster hunter. It turns out Nessie is the least of her problems.

The longest of the Million Eyes short stories, this was published by ‘strange fiction’ magazine Idle Ink. It was later named one of Idle Ink’s ‘Best Stories of 2018’. Click the logo to read it.

Rachel Can Still See
What do you do when a time traveller goes rogue? Rachel Evans is about to find out.

The sequel to Rachel Can See, this was published in Phantaxis Issue 7. It was also highly commended by Writers’ Forum and won the Rushmoor Writers Hyde Cup in 2016. Click the logo to buy a copy from Amazon.

The Babushka Lady
What connects the deaths of JFK and Marilyn Monroe? The Babushka Lady—the infamous unidentified witness to Kennedy’s assassination—knows.

This story was published in The Chronos Chronicles, an anthology of time travel tales released by Indie Authors Press. Click the cover below to buy a copy from Amazon.

Eryl Mai’s Dream
Eryl Mai Jones dreams that her school is about to be crushed by a ‘big black blanket’, then a mysterious substitute teacher comes asking questions. Strange, uncomfortable ones.

Eryl Mai’s Dream was shortlisted in one of Dark Tales’ monthly competitions and published in Volume 17. Click the logo below to buy a copy for £2.49.

Other Published Short Stories

The Quiet Invasion
Sometimes time travel has consequences. And those consequences… itch.

The Quiet Invasion was published in Issue 6 of The Ginger Collect. Click the logo below to read it.

There’s Something About Anne
Juliet learns that Fred really can’t be trusted with time travel missions.

At 81 words, this is the shortest story I’ve ever written. A mini time travel comedy, this was published by Christopher Fielden on his website as part of his 81 Words Writing Challenge. His intention is to set a world record by publishing 1,000 stories by different authors in one anthology. My story is number 341 and can be read by clicking the logo below.

The Emancipation of Google
Jemma is about to face a tough decision. One that could bring down the internet.

Longlisted by Inktears in 2015, The Emancipation of Google was published by fantasy, horror and sci-fi magazine Theme of Absence. Click the logo below to read it.

Ron keeps dreaming about padlocks, orange scissors and a big red ‘L’. But what’s really going on?

This story won second prize in the To Hull and Back Humorous Short Story Competition 2014 and was published in the subsequent anthology. Click the cover below to buy a copy of the book on Amazon.


Million Eyes is the first book in the Million Eyes trilogy of time travel conspiracy thrillers. It was published as both an ebook and a paperback in 2020. Book 2 is currently in the works and will be released in 2021.

Million Eyes: Extra Time is a compilation of the previously published Million Eyes short stories, along with 3 brand new stories and an excerpt from the first book in the Million Eyes trilogy. It was published as a free-to-download ebook by Elsewhen Press in 2019.

Self-Published Books

Between 2011 and 2015, I published a number of children’s books under the moniker, BerryTime Books. Details for each book are below, with links to where you can buy them (on Amazon and Lulu). The Pendulum Swings is targeted at children aged 10 and above. The East Pudding Chronicles is targeted at children aged 7 and above.

front cover
The Pendulum Swings (2011)

The peaceful village of Sarakkai is attacked by an army of fierce creatures with mirrors for faces called Deep-End-Ents. All the Grandfather Clocks are stolen. Four friends – a Human, a Dwarf, a Midriff and a Dragon – must go after the Deep-End-Ents, track down the last Wizard in the kingdom and get the clocks back. There isn’t much time before the clocks fall into the hands of a much more powerful villain lurking in the shadows…

Available to buy from Lulu, and

Front Cover - Monster
The East Pudding Chronicles: The Christmas Monster (2011)

In the first book in The East Pudding Chronicles, we meet sworn enemies Mumble and Murmur and we learn why Santa Claus visits us on Christmas Eve and leaves us presents in our stockings. It all kicks off with Murmur’s ultimate plan to wipe out Christmas in East Pudding, which involves an evil elf called Atnas and a race of creatures called Toe-Eaters…

Available to buy from Lulu, and

Mistle Front
The East Pudding Chronicles: The Merry Mrs Mistle (2012)

In the second book in The East Pudding Chronicles, we meet Mrs Mistle, who is half-human, half-plant and charms the village of East Pudding with her Jolly Holly Pudding and raspberry kisses. That is, until Murmur vows to bring her reign of happiness to an end, and we discover the real reason why people kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas time…

Available to buy from Lulu, and

Twinkles Front Cover
The East Pudding Chronicles: Tale of the Twinkles (2013)

In the third book in The East Pudding Chronicles, we follow Murmur’s evil plans to rid East Pudding of Timothy Twinkle, the village sweet maker and joke teller, and Tiberius Twinkle, the village toy maker. First she tries to dispose of them using her ‘Ultimate Blender’. When that doesn’t work, she resorts to drastic action, which leads to the creation of the first ever Christmas cracker…

Available to buy from Lulu, and

Plight of the Witch Watchers Front Cover
The East Pudding Chronicles: Plight of the Witch Watchers (2014)

In the fourth book in The East Pudding Chronicles, we learn about the ‘alternative’ origins of the Christmas tree. Mumble decides to spy on Murmur with the help of a team of ‘Witch Watchers’, so he visits Troglup the Dragon Queen of Crumple Dimples and recruits the fairies. What he doesn’t count on is Murmur having spies of her own…

Available to buy from Lulu, and

The East Pudding Chronicles: The First Christmas (2015)

In the fifth and final book in The East Pudding Chronicles, we follow three sisters, Mary, Maz and Chris, who journey up the Sky Tree to find out why it won’t stop snowing. They meet the Lady of the Skies, a magical creature harbouring a sad secret about the village of East Pudding. What the sisters do next is the ‘real’ reason why we celebrate Christmas…

Available to buy from Lulu, and

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