“Behind The Curtain” hits 100,000 views!

Hello readers!

“Behind The Curtain” has gone past 100,000 views (it’s actually on 104,560 views as I write this), and that is thanks to all my loyal readers – so thank you!

My top 5 posts in 2015 are:

  1. Alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin disappears – did he go ‘back to the future’?
  2. Babushka Lady and Umbrella Man – the enduring mystery of the unidentified JFK witnesses
  3. 10 Great Conspiracy Movies and TV Series
  4. The Disney Conspiracy – subliminal messages and a pro-gay agenda in Frozen?
  5. The truth behind the Poltergeist curse – real dead bodies were used during filming

The blog had another great day just before Christmas, with 2,030 views on 20th December. The post that got most views that day was Who’s to blame for the munchkin suicide in The Wizard of Oz?

So thank you, beautiful people, for visiting my site. I hope it’s been of interest, and I promise to bring you my take on lots more conspiracies and mysteries in 2016, along with news about my writing and about my progress with The Million Eyes Trilogy and The Million Eyes Short Stories. You might’ve seen that I’ve started writing a monthly article collating all my writing news and offering advice and tips to fellow writers about the minefield that is the publishing industry. The first one is News and advice for writers: story updates and dealing with subjective critiques.

I shall take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Next Thursday: is the ‘Sixth Sense’ real?

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