Conspiracy Theories

A little bit of spring-cleaning

Hello readers! Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will have seen that I’ve been busily writing new pages for the website. These are category pages which appear in the menu and relate to the various subjects that I write about. I thought it would make it easier for people to find past articles that have fallen out of my “Recent Posts” list than sifting through my Archives.

I’ve written the first bunch of category pages, with a list of articles in each category. These are Urban Legends and Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories, Strange and Unexplained Creatures, Time and Time Travel, Space, UFOs and Aliens and Kings and Queens. There are more to come, including Bizarre Deaths, Government Secrets and Cover-ups and Weird and Mysterious Places. I will work on these next, but wanted to publish the ones I’d finished.

You can find these categories by visiting Article Lists, or selecting the drop-down menu underneath Article Lists in the menu bar.

Happy Easter to all!

UPDATE: As of May 4th (May the 4th be with you!), I have uploaded three further pages: Assassinations, Bizarre Deaths and Unsolved Murders and Book, TV and Movie Reviews.

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