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Alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin disappears – did he go ‘back to the future’?

Do you remember in Back to the Future, Part II, when Old Biff travels back in time and gives his younger self a sports almanac? A book that gives Young Biff knowledge of future sporting victories and allows him to make a fortune? Looks like a similar thing has happened in real life…


In my last time travel-themed article, I explored the possibility that time travellers might be among us. Have I just stumbled upon more evidence of this?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me the above newspaper clipping. An article about an alleged time traveller called Andrew Carlssin, who had skipped a court appearance and disappeared. In brief, the story goes that on January 28th 2003, Andrew Carlssin was arrested and detained for insider trading. Over a two-week period, he had invested in businesses and made an unprecedented $350 million from just $800 worth of investment. The allegation was that he must have had illegal inside information; no one’s that lucky.

But when investigators questioned him, trying to find out his sources, he offered an alternative explanation for his knowledge of the stock market. He claimed to have travelled back in time from 2256 armed with knowledge of future stocks. Suffice it to say, investigators didn’t believe him. But then, shortly after his release on bail, he disappeared and could not be traced. Did he go ‘back to the future’?

My initial reading of the article was that this man must’ve been a fruit loop. But what makes the article more intriguing is that apparently Carlssin correctly predicted the exact date of the US invasion of Iraq, and that no record of him existed before 2002.

Interesting? Yes. Compelling? Yes. Convincing? Well, not yet.

I obviously had to do some more probing into this rather fantastical story. And a quick Google search of “Andrew Carlssin” revealed the truth.

The story’s origin: The Weekly World News

The first article about Carlssin and the follow-up article in the above clipping originated in a newspaper called the Weekly World News, published in the US between 1979 and 2007. Wikipedia describes the Weekly World News as a “largely fictional news tabloid” which posted “outlandish cover stories” and had a satirical approach to news.

Their, urm, ‘news’ included stories about an extraterrestrial who advised politicians like President Bush and had an affair with Hillary Clinton. Revelations that Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of WMDs included giant slingshots and dinosaurs. A story about a surgeon who reattached a pair of Siamese twins when they failed to pay their medical bill for the separation procedure. And look at some of these corkers…

hair WeeklyWorldNews2_zps16f98925 weekly-world-news

The Andrew Carlssin time travel story seems almost reasonable by comparison.

Problem was, sometimes reputable news publications got hold of their stories and reprinted them without making it clear that they were coming from a fictional newspaper. This is what happened with the Andrew Carlssin story, which was re-reported by Yahoo! and subsequently by other publications, who believed it was actual news. Hence it became an urban legend.

It’s similar to what happened with the time travelling hit and run urban legend that I talked about in the last article. Rudolph Fentz, the man who inadvertently travelled forwards in time from 1876 to 1950, originated in a short story by Jack Finney called I’m Scared. The tale was re-printed later as though it was real.

But – unlike the Carlssin story, which most people agree is a hoax – the Rudolph Fentz tale remains somewhat unclear. Apparently researchers have discovered an article about the Rudolph Fentz incident, which was published before the I’m Scared short story. Others claim to have discovered evidence proving the existence of the real Rudolph Fentz…

Could it be that both the Fentz and Carlssin cases are being branded myths and hoaxes to cover up the truth? That time travellers really are among us?

Next Wednesday: Since the festive season is upon us, I’m looking at ten Christmas conspiracy theories over a two-part article. Stay tuned!

Sources: Weekly World News, SnopesWikipedia, Cool Interesting Stuff

14 thoughts on “Alleged time traveller Andrew Carlssin disappears – did he go ‘back to the future’?”

  1. Aside from the fact that there is no record at all aside from a Weekly World News article there is an obvious error in judgement here that is not so obvious: The idea that there will be a “U.S.” currency that even closely resembles present currency is highly unlikely; the notion that U.S. currency would exist and still be valuable enough to travel back 200 years in time for is ludicrous. Bear in mind it took is less that 150 years to switch from a gold backed currency to a credit based system and that the appearance alone of many major currencies has change drastically over the last few decades. Present money would be as unto monopoly money.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think its completely untrue as well, but your point about currency being nothing of value is ludicrous. Old money is most often more valuable, hence us having rare coins and bills that are usually extremely valuable..


    2. Why do you think he must have brought the currency from the future? He could have brought something valuable other than actual currency note, such as precious stone, and exchange it to money in the time.


  2. Maybe it wasn’t the money but a new life for live in a cleaner time doing whatever he wanted to do. I’m sure in 200 years earth will be a big dump so I wouldn’t blame him.;)


  3. But i think time travellers has acode they follow thats why they can’t allow us to see them to me i believe they exist.
    Even if we see them they can go back in time and change the time line


  4. Maybe in years to come time travel will be possible for anyone. & every time you go back in time maybe you hit a different time line having no effect on anything? Travellers from the future may stop in any time line & possibly sometimes this one making it rare?


  5. If there were time travelers. We would see Time Police constantly popping in trying to hunt down these individuals. Or groups fighting each other trying to change/prevent future change. We have seen none of this activity.


  6. Isn’t the govt pushing towards a new world order, one world govt, one currency?
    Perhaps the US dollar becomes obselete and collectors will pay a pretty penny to lay their hands on one. Think of the
    way we collect valuable coins now. Just a thought


  7. the whole concept of time travel, destination jumpers, power of invisibility and telekinesis has always intrigued me, i so wish these claims were proven, something tells me we dont live in such an ordinary world as we are led to believe.


  8. It’s rather a strange occurrence that when I search for Andrew Carlssin/Carlson.. the story Andrew Carlson stock market article on Yahoo disapears before I can click on it !


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